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Julie Price: The Storm Is Drawing Out Treasures From The Deep!

I had a vision of a storm along the ocean shore. It was a relentless storm; sheets of rain, gusts of wind, and constant choppy waves. I was taken back to a time I had visited the beach.  Upon arriving, we spent two days waiting for a monsoon to pass. Feeling bummed about the weather, I later found myself elated as the storm passed and we began to walk the shore. To my surprise, the storm had churned things up from deep places in the ocean. Things you would not normally find on the shore were there. As my husband and I continued to walk in those early morning hours, we found more than your average sea shell. There were star fish, sea urchin shells, and big conk shells that we normally didn’t see when visiting this beach.  Just to name a few!  Soon our bewilderment over the storm had turned into an adventure.  We were on a treasure hunt to discover what the storm had drawn out from the deep parts of the ocean; things we never would have seen or collected for our memory jar, had the storm not occurred. Suddenly I found myself thankful for that storm. At first I was upset. We had come to enter into a place of rest and peace, and instead we had walked right into a storm.


How many can relate? But guess what? Today God showed me that many of you, including myself, are experiencing storms in your life right now. Wave after wave of conflict and issues are hitting you like a series of choppy storm waves.

I want to encourage you to embrace the storm. Daddy God knows what He is doing. You know, my husband and I didn’t just find starfish and sea urchin shells, and other unique things from the ocean floor that day.  That early morning there were plastic bottles, rope, and other types of garbage that needed to be removed from the ocean, and now off of the shore we found ourselves walking on. Can you hear it? Today God has been ministering to me through this vision and beach memory with my husband.  He said some things to me and He wants me to share them with you as well.

“I am Daddy God. I know what’s best for you. I know what it takes to remove all the junk out of your life that presently hinders you. But I use the storm for other things too. I want you to find the treasures I have buried deep within you. I have placed within you things that can only be found in the deep. ‘Deep indeed calls to deep’, and I have called you into the deeper places in Me. Yes, you will see things you didn’t know were buried deep within you, but that is for your good. They will hinder you now and in the days to come. For some of you it’s emotions that you have never properly dealt with.  Those emotions never die.  They simply get buried alive.  Now, they have to surface and be healed by Me like only I, your Daddy God, can.

Some of you have other things buried in the deep places of your heart that I want to remove, and the storm is pulling them out of you. This, My children, is a reason to rejoice. Do not sorrow! Do not fret! Do not resist the storm! Do not lose your focus! Look around! It’s not just junk that needs to be removed. 

There are treasures that I want you to see. There are things I have placed in you since the beginning of time.  Now, it’s My time for them to surface and come forth. Pick them up. Let Me talk to you about them. Each of the shells, the star fish, all those things you see that normally remain in deeper places, I have caused them to wash ashore and be discovered, be developed, and be used for My kingdom!

Rejoice in the storm My Child! Go out and dance in the rain! Pick up the debris, and let Me show you what needs healed. Pick up the treasures, and let Me talk to you about what they mean. I am the storm. But I have come to expose what was hidden in the darkness and unveil the treasures of the deep.  This is all out of My great love for you.

I laugh at your enemies. I laugh. I hold you like only I can and I laugh. No weapon will prosper against you as you align yourself with Me. There is a divine shift coming into the lives of many in this hour. Don’t misunderstand this storm. Go dance in the rain My children. There are clouds of glory and refreshing rains of My presence that await you.  From this storm shall emerge an even deeper walk with Me; something that you have longed for, and I eagerly await to bring you into.  Untold treasures of My kingdom await you. You are so loved.  Does not My word say, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you!’  Answers to prayer are coming out of this storm.  You will walk out of this place and never be the same.  Change is at your door!”



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Psalm 42:7, “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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