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Julie Price: Word of the Week (July 31-August 6) It Was Worth It ~ Now Birth It!

Many of you have been pregnant with new life in many different areas of your life. 

You’ve been pregnant with destiny, pregnant with change,

and you are now ready to deliver! 

In this last trimester you experienced some of the most uncomfortable changes of your life.  But all of the change and discomfort was necessary for the new life that is before you.  This last trimester was an extremely pivotal time in the body of Christ.  How you responded to what was needed to continue carrying your pregnancy full-term was key.  Many endured the pain of the last season and responded accordingly.  You have kept your heart surrendered to Him in purity.  You have clung to the promises of God despite everything going on around you.  It didn’t take long and you began to see the early signs of labor.  This is because you allowed the Lord to do all that was necessary for you to birth this new life now before you.

It wasn’t easy, but it has already become worth it, and now you are beginning to birth it!

Your heart has been thoroughly tested and tried beloved.  Yet, you have continued to keep Jesus your “one thing”.  There are no other gods before Him.  You have allowed Him to give and take away and in return, He has begun to bless you immensely and it won’t stop now!  Choices were pivotal in this last season and you have chosen well.  When labor pains began, you retreated to the secret place; keeping only the precious few God released you to have near you close by.  They had your best interests at heart and you trusted God with who He gave you and who He took away.  You humbled yourself in quiet surrender, and trusted this time of labor and birthing to Him.  Most importantly, you knew that ONLY YOU could birth what God was doing in you, and you rose to the occasion!  You were dependent on Him and Him alone!  Because of your radical obedience, you are now entering your season of, “For such a time of this!”

August is indeed a time of new beginnings and many are going to birth new life in multiple areas; not just one!  As you experience the birthing of new life, it’s very important to keep your focus, and your focus is forward! 

~Your destiny is before you, not behind you!~

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Keep your hand to the plow (Luke 9:62).  Keep your mind steadfast on Him (Isaiah 26:3).  Don’t be distracted by the wiles of the enemy (2 Cor. 2:11).  You are truly crossing a threshold into a glorious new phase of your life.  This is all because of your steadfast endurance.  You have aligned yourself with the prophetic words over your life.  You have remained yielded as His humble vessel during times of great testing, trial, and betrayal.  You have stood on the promises of God over your life.  You have appropriated and cooperated with all that He has asked of you.  As a result, your entire being has come into a divine alignment.  Just as a woman’s body will align and prepare itself to deliver, you have done this very thing!  Because of all this, you have been prepared, and you WILL give birth, starting this month, to the brand new life God has for you!  Be encouraged!  It’s time to deliver! 



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