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Prophetic Insight

JUNE 2019 BRIDAL MONTH IS A TIPPING POINT FOR 2019 – A Word by Sandi Holman

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A Word by Sandi Holman

Stay FOCUSED with a single eye that all darkness is dispelled and Reach for the Hand of the Lord as He is saying “get ready to His Bride” and be INSTANT IN SEASON In the month of June. Receive my Counsel for I am carrying out my purpose in you and for you says the Lord.

The voice of Grace is giving a shout out… location, location, location..then position..position..position..and finally connection…connection…connection..it is FORWARD MARCH time as you step into your place for a mighty move of God.

His process stretches us to meet His progress and His flame of fire calls for our change of focus.
His hand print is on the called out ones who have thought they made a mistake. Make no mistake, HE has hand picked you. His imprint is on your heart to carry His heart to a lost and dying world., HIS plan is the blueprint that is being implemented as you cooperate with Him as HE is calling you forth.

His footprints were the only one seen as He carried you through the dark tunnel of your transition and trials and tests of the past season…but your footprints shall be the ones left on the sands of time for those who follow after you.

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Just as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the 3 in 1 ..and they work together, so is your location, position, and connection working out every detail of His plan for your purpose and destiny. It seems that a three fold cord is very much at work for strength, stability and fulfillment.

In a vision, I saw a picture of the letter T and I heard the words trust, transition and transfer. These three are working all things together for good as location, positions and connections are put into place for purpose and destiny fulfillment.

He is saying Think Tipping Point as you think trust, transition and transfer for this three fold cord is working on your behalf as June is the month of tipping point for 2019..the bowl of blessings are being poured out, overturning and turning over all things for good. The bride is being made ready to be carried over the Threshold of new beginnings and new births.

A GREAT Transition brings a GREAT Transfer…what does it mean really? Many are receiving a transfer of wealth, giftings, mantles, anointings and a shakeup that brought a big shift out of lack, procrastination, dead works, and passivity.

As many are crossing over, some are transferring to a new geographical locale, many are progressing and reaching a new positioning, while others are ready to transfer or carry on with new garments, new assignments that carry their anointing to heaven sent appointments as well as a release of God’s promise that the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the just.

Enlivened passion is driving purpose, new vision is fueling passivity and procrastination. His divine destiny image is being formed inside the hearts of many who had lost their grip on the hope of their calling. By the end of June and the entrance of July, the perfecting of concerns shall bring forth an explosive celebration of freedom and hope restored.

God gives us purpose and we carry out His plan by His direction. We in turn are fulfilling our destiny by His design. This is truly a great equation that always adds up to a good end. Purpose produces plan, plan produces direction and direction leads to fulfillment of destiny.

Psalms 145:17
The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his work.

Sandi Holman
Email: [email protected]


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