Justice is Here – A Word by Candace Roberts

Candace is a wife, mother to 5, pastor, and counselor. She has personally walked through tremendous trials, abuse, and loss. She carries the overcoming anointing and imparts and teaches it to others all across the world through her preaching and counseling ministry. Email: [email protected]
Justice is Here 
A Word by Candace Roberts 
He is subduing your enemies. 
Over the next few weeks as the land around us continues to experience turmoil and the unknown, there will be seismic shift for the people of God. Those whose hearts have been searched and tested, ones tried by fire who have stood and let the Lord fight their battles; will experience sudden justice and breakthrough. 
Those who stood against you will acquiesce to the spirit and weight of the glory within you. Those who cursed you will now sit beneath the counsel of the Lord that speaks through you. 
It will look sudden to the those around you, but this shift is for those who have waited long silent years. While others were quick to defend themselves even when justified, you pressed in to the deepest of places, humbled yourself, and trusted in the Lord as your defender. 
I see those on their face at His feet for long seasons of testing suddenly being set upright on their feet for all to see. They will experience sudden favor, sudden breakthrough, sudden verdicts straight from heaven that have long been in the works. 
There is a bursting forth of justice. A transference not only of wealth, but a manifestation of power becoming evident in the hands of the manifested sons and daughters. 
Wait. When you feel you can’t go anymore, when you want to speak your truth, defend your heart, WAIT. The shift is not just coming, it is here. Can you feel the rumbling? Watch and wait, the shining ones are about to burst onto the scene. Favor, authority and breakthrough is their portion; fashioned in testing, proven in obedience. Nothing can stop the destiny working through them. 
Now is our time. Rise and shine. Every roadblock is being shaken loose from the our path. The enemy is beneath our feat. Powered by authority, driven by love, our season of waiting is over. Justice is served, may the remnant arise. 
Candace Roberts