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Kim Clement: Prophetic Alert – Malaysia Airlines and Beyond…24 Hours




As many of you know, I felt a strong call to place my feet and boots on the soil of Ukraine last week with a clear mission from God. I was quick to obey His voice and with your help we accomplished what we set out to do. While I was there, God began revealing His secrets to me about various international affairs not only relating to Ukraine, but something bigger than even I imagined. Something was unlocked in response to our obedience to go to that land. These prophetic insights have been unfolding throughout this week and we even experienced a strong earthquake here yesterday morning while I was in my Garden praying about the Malaysia Airlines situation.

While praying this morning I was pressed by the Spirit of God to seek Him regarding this missing jet. What happened was quite astounding and caused weakness in my body to the point where I fell to my knees and entered a time of travail and prophetic intercession. I wept openly for the human lives that were placed into this monstrous coffin. However, during this theophany I was given an open vision for a few seconds. What I saw was not only about this Airline situation, but what will be revealed hereafter and what will emerge. God instructed me to separate myself for the next two days. Due to this directive given by the Spirit of God, I will be doing a special Prophetic Alert on Thursday, March 20th and prophesy what I received this morning and will receive in the next 41 hours. Take this time to get caught up on the broadcasts from Ukraine, where the insights began, and watch how God used that land and mission field to speak His Word to America and Israel.

Let’s find out what our enemy is planning and what promises God gave years ago… and even now, so that we can pray effectively. And with the high praises of God in our mouths and a two-edged sword in our hands, execute vengeance on the nations (demonic forces)…bind their kings with chains and their leaders with iron chains and EXECUTE THE WRITTEN JUDGMENT AGAINST THEM…THIS HONOR HAVE ALL HIS PEOPLE. Psalm 149:6-9


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With a bold, fresh, creative expression, Kim Clement is impacting lives all over the Earth with the modern day expression of the prophet. With the first notes ringing from his keyboard, the journey begins into a mysterious realm of the Spirit. Here, Christ’s message of hope and the secrets of God are revealed in musical poetry, rich, eye opening teachings and sudden demonstration of the supernatural prophetic ministry. Kim’s mission is crossing cultural barriers – touching the untouchable and reaching the unreachable. From entrepreneurs and entertainers, politicians and scientists, blue collar and white collar, adults and children alike are experiencing the life changing power of the Spirit as Kim communicates God’s heart for them.

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