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Kim Clement: Prophetic Word For America


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Thus says the Spirit of the Living God to the people of America: Did I not reveal to you that the corruption that is within the political powers will be revealed this year? And some shall say we’ve been made naked, and while governing powers release an attorney who was a terrorist while Snowden stands in another nation. And many say he should be punished but God says the corruption that he has revealed is nothing compared to that which shall still come out. Why do I address this, says the Lord? They have pried into your mail. They have pried into your credit cards. They have looked and they have searched. God says, This is the corruption that will be revealed this year. And then they will say, “but how can we change the law?” And God says, watch what I do – it shall be a sign. It shall be a sign that there are those that have hidden things that shall be exposed – one, two, three, four times, says the Lord. And then I will bring healing to this nation for the corruption shall come to an end and My people shall arise and declare, “I don’t see a giant but I see somebody falling! I see the power of political corruption falling today!” Therefore, rejoice, for I will bring life, says the Lord.

January 4, 2014 – From The Den 

With a bold, fresh, creative expression, Kim Clement is impacting lives all over the Earth with the modern day expression of the prophet. With the first notes ringing from his keyboard, the journey begins into a mysterious realm of the Spirit. Here, Christ’s message of hope and the secrets of God are revealed in musical poetry, rich, eye opening teachings and sudden demonstration of the supernatural prophetic ministry. Kim’s mission is crossing cultural barriers – touching the untouchable and reaching the unreachable. From entrepreneurs and entertainers, politicians and scientists, blue collar and white collar, adults and children alike are experiencing the life changing power of the Spirit as Kim communicates God’s heart for them. 

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