I am a simple Jesus lovin’ wife, mother & dog lover. I call TX home- but the beach is one of my favorite places!  My desire is that everyone will know HOW much Jesus loves them – and that EACH person is uniquely created by the Father with a purpose & plan…. and when all things are submitted and placed in His hands… He will bring that purpose and plan to life!

KING OF HEARTS – A true story – How the Holy Spirit can bring a message through the most unusual of ways… – A Word by Alison Preston

Alison Preston

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If anyone wonders why I have a fascination and a love for Lions… Well this is a story to tell you why…


But…..In 2000… 10/10/2000 ( on my birthday) I was taken to Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch with some friends… I was given a gift card from cracker barrel and while we were wrapping up lunch, the giver of the gift card told me go buy something -go buy something -let’s see what you find….

Cracker barrel is loaded with beautiful things 👀 And I searched and searched and had my eye on several things ….. but in my Spirit I felt the Holy Spirit kept saying go buy this little lion that I had passed by several times ….. They had some little stuffed animals… “Go buy the lion”…..( I dismissed this… Thinking -why would the Holy Spirit tell me to buy some little stuffed lion?? … It didn’t make sense, (to me) -so I disregarded what I WAS hearing) 

I passed by the little toy lion 🦁 again & again- and Although that thought seemed to be circling in my spirit…I dismissed it – (maybe I wasn’t hearing correctly I thought?)

Until…. I was getting ready to check – out and I CLEARLY heard “GO BUY THE LION” !!! It has significance for your life!

So… At that point – realizing that I WAS being instructed by the Holy Spirit (and was certain this was not just a thought going through my mind) to get the lion… (*and being obedient by putting down what I WANTED… To get a little INSIGNIFICANT toy lion…) I put the other things down and went and purchased it…

After purchasing the lion, I saw a tag attached that had a name and a description on it… And on the tag it says: Kingston = KING OF HEARTS. ❤️🦁

And then I CLEARLY heard the Holy Spirit say- “I am your king… I am the king of your heart.”❤️

This little lion, Kingston, is beaten and battered – he’s lost an arm and been torn up (just like we often feel beaten, battered, and torn up from spiritual battles and from this life we live…) – but I still hold him dear, keep him close on my nightstand and at my desk… And When I look at him… I am REMINDED that…Sometimes God speaks through unpredicted and what seems unreasonable ways – (as how we view it- it might not Makes sense)… But God’s ways are not our ways… (Isaiah 55: 8-9) And often He calls us to step out & do as He says When things don’t make sense to us…Laying things down and Being obedient… setting down the things that we think speak to us and that we think we need more or seem better in our perspective.

When we do as He leads…. God truly gives us a TREASURE….

And believe me, this lion has more significance than anything else I could’ve bought that day – and I’m so grateful I got Kingston – and more so- the message from the Lord that he (a little stuffed Lion) brought.


And…. Never- never- never second-guess the Holy Spirit. When He speaks and tells us to do something – and we’re sure it’s Him Do it… without hesitation. There’s a plan and a purpose behind everything the Lord does.