Dear friends,

Recently, I watched a movie where a well known public figure was taken advantage of and told that he had to go through with a major heart surgery. However, he was being deceived. His inner circle of friends, (he thought they were friends) told him he had to go through with the surgery. As time went on it became evident even the surgeons were trying to end this man’s life too soon on purpose! My jaw dropped in sadness and shock as I thought, “No! They cannot get away with this! Lord, please send in your help!”

While there was a mountain of obstacles facing this young man there is a scene in the movie I will never forget. Authorities begin to burst forth in the doors of the hospital and justice begins to be served! The inner circle of so called friends who were responsible for misleading the young man only for the purpose of trying to steal his inheritance were arrested and brought to justice quickly.

What the enemy thought he could get away with failed! 

My friend, this is a word for you today I believe! The enemy’s attempts to silence you, attack your family, cause warfare in your home and relationships is about to backfire. The roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah is about to be heard loud and clear. Receive this word by faith today for yourself, your family, your ministry, and your destiny!

The doors will burst wide open and Justice will prevail!

Victory is your portion today.

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Would you stand with us right now and give a gift today to help us continue? Let the Lord lead you with the amount. Thank you for being a blessing.

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