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Prophetic Insight

Leap Through The Double Doors of 2nd Adar – A Word by Christine Vales

2nd Adar 5779 = March 8 – April 5, 2019

Here we are in Adar… again!  As we learned in 1st Adar, it’s a Hebrew leap year where an extra month of Adar is added to the calendar year.  If there was any month on the Hebrew calendar we had to double let it be Adar, the month of joy and good fortune!

2nd Adar appears like a grand set of “double doors” inviting us to enter the month and end the year with a double anointing of His joy and strength.  I believe the Lord wants to bless us… and bless us again, as we end the year in a double dose of His joy… especially in this year of double fruit, 5779!   May we leap like Naphtali over the threshold of 2nd Adar and watch His blessings unfold before our eyes in unexpected ways!

As a reminder, Adar means strength.  Our strength comes from the Lord, specifically from the joy we find in His presence and not just joy, but fullness of joy!  “In Your presence there is fullness of joy.” (Ps 16:11)  2nd Adar proclaims… “Double Strength! Double Joy!” But what does that mean and how do we get it?  Jeremiah 9:24 tells us… but let him who boasts, boast of this… that he understands and knows Me.”  He is calling us to relationship.  In 2nd Adar the Lord’s desire for us is not to just understand His precepts, but to know Him and His great love for us.  Knowing Him comes when we spend time in relationship with Him.  As we make the wise investment of our time with Him, we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of His love, joy and strength.  What a great way to end the year strong!

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As we pour out our hearts and plans before Him, He may call us to fast as Esther did.  Just the thought of fasting may cause our hearts to grow faint, but take courage!  That anxious feeling is a lie from the enemy.  Spending time with the Lord is the last thing in the world he wants us to do.   He wants us to end the year in total defeat while the Lord wants us to end the year in double victory!  How do we want to end the year?  Defeated or doubly blessed?  Instead of submitting to lies, let’s agree to submit to God and resist the evil one.  May we run and leap into the Name of the Lord, our strong tower, and find safety and joy in His presence while the devil flees in defeat! (Js 4:7, Pr 18:10)

When we receive His double portion of strength and joy we are fully equipped to completely overcome in this second round of Adar.  Jesus tells us our joy will be made complete in Him. (John 15:11)  The word “complete” means “thoroughly saturated, covered in every part.”  He desires to make us complete in every way to render us perfect in the image of His Son. (Rom 8:29)  This perfecting process has the perfect opportunity in these back-to-back months of Adar.  This is a time where He refines, sharpens and shines us forth into the new year.

He wants to give a double anointing over our communication; artistically like Naphtali and articulately like Esther.  He yearns for us to experience true freedom to use our artistic expression and move our bodies to glorify the Lord and confuse the enemy!  He wants us to abound in our true identity and destiny in Him, free from any masks that suppressed our joy in the past.  He longs to reveal all the angles of His war strategies so we can fully annihilate “Haman” in our lives once and for all.  He is ready to reverse the curse over us and speak life and victory over us.  As we end the year, lets leap confidently into the new, and see our most dreaded fears turn into our biggest belly laughs. (Pr 31:25)

The feast of Purim is a central feature of Adar.  During a leap year, Purim is celebrated in 2nd Adar so it properly aligns with Passover, which is just around the bend in Nissan.  May we make the most of this extra month of Adar.  Glean through the pages of Esther again and prepare to enter into the celebration of Purim on Adar 14.

As you leap through the double doors of 2nd Adar, do a “double take”, check your progress and ask the Lord to highlight those areas that need His finishing anointing.  Are there certain aspects where you truly need a second chance?  Bring these things before Him.  He wants you to know of His great love for you.  He wants you to finish the year strong.  He is alongside you to strengthen you in His joy, so you can leap through the double doors of 2nd Adar.  “For by You I run through a troop, by my God I leap over a wall” … and into 2nd Adar! (2 Sam 22:30)

Christine Vales

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