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Letting Go of the Wings – A Word by Dannette Lynn

Letting Go of the Wings
A Word by Dannette Lynn

There has been a prayer that the Lord has been teaching me and I would like to share that encounter with you. My hope is that it will bless you as well as it has blessed me. Holy Spirit took me into a dream encounter where I saw myself holding onto a very large bird. This massive bird had his wings spread and I was holding onto the bottom of the wings. Then the bird started to flap his powerful wings to rise up. However, I was stilling holding the bird and it was dragging the bird down and I found myself in a position of getting hurt. I was frantic and yelling at myself to let go of the bird. Over and over, I shouted, “let go!”.

The mystery to this encounter was the bird represented a big prayer that I had asked God to fulfill for me. God was ready to fulfill my prayer, just like Mark 11:24, if we believe that we already have what we pray for it is ours. This prayer was taking off into fulfillment. It was a placement of trust in God to show Himself true to this promise. The problem was, I was not letting go of the prayer to be answered and giving it to God. I did not trust that God would do this for me and give me that favor, so I was holding on to the prayer and worrying about it over and over again.

The story that the Lord showed me in this lesson was about Hannah. Hannah was the wife who was loved the most and she had favor with her husband. Hannah’s husband always gave her a double portion. Yet there was a desire that Hannah desperately wanted to have, so she poured out her heartfelt prayer to the Lord. After Hannah released her prayer to God, she spoke from a place of favor. After Hannah released her prayer, she let it go and then trusted that God would do this for her.

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And she said, “Let your servant find favor in your eyes.” Then the woman went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad. 1 Samuel 1:18

What the Lord was showing me was that after I pour my prayers out to Him, that I need to release that prayer into fulfillment. We are the ones who hold the key to see the fulfillment of the prayer, but it is God who will make it happen. It is all about trust and recognizing how deeply He loves us. There is nothing that He will not do to show His continuous love and favor. Nothing is impossible in the realm of faith. Once we can embrace how deeply He loves us, then we can remain in a place of rest and favor to believe that this prayer has already been done.

When we believe the prayer has been completed, then it is already ours by faith. Having faith is what brings our hopes into reality and God adores a heart willing to touch Him with faith. The next love letter is dripping with the encouragement of faith and expectation for the fulfillment of prayers. A prayer needs faith in order to prosper, so this is ultimately all about trusting God as an extravagantly loved child. So today I pray that we are able to trust God enough to let go of the wings to our prayers so that they can fly into the desired manifestation and abounding joy.

With love,
Dannette Lynn
Email: [email protected]

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