Line of demarcation! – A Word by Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones is a prophetic voice who ministers in and through the Father’s heart, with a desire to see the body of Christ grow in intimacy with the Father, in hearing His voice, being healed of wounds and traumas and maturing in their gifts and callings. She is an apostolic/prophetic intercessor with a heart to birth and uncover the keys that shift and bring change. Teresa and her husband David live in Tallahassee, Florida where they minister to the local body, the community and to governmental leaders.

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Line of demarcation! – A Word by Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones

Things are changing! We’re moving into the NEW SEASON where everything changes. It will never be the same again! We are captivated by the Father.

It is Crossover time! Time to Crossover!

I Heard these words in my spirit, “RESTORATION! RESCUED!”

The winter is over! He won’t leave us broken – He always restores! He is the repairer of the breach and broken places!

Season change! You’re moving into the new season. It’s a new season of restoration with RIVERS in the desert. The Spring rains will come and will bring restoration. Debris from the old seasons will be washed away and your ground watered for the planting of the Lord!

(There are no words to describe what I sensed and felt…)

Spring up, oh wells!

Prodigals are coming home to the Father!

The season of what seemed like great loss is now turning to a season of great restoration! It is a season of Great impact and change! A season of great restoration! A Season of physical healings! Financial healings! Open doors! Marriages restored! Bodies healed! A season of old things made new, broken things repaired and made like new; as if they’d never even been broken!

For many of us, He’s restoring trust back to the place where trust was easy. He’s taking us into a time of such sweet fellowship with Him where, surely, He is truly closer than a brother, where your heart will beat again, and you can breathe deeply and freely!

I also see trust being restored in the area of relationships, marriages, friendships and even ministry connections. For many, covenant breaking situations will be cleared away and repairs made to even better than before.

I see Him breathing on what seemed like dead places and causing new life to come again! Breathe on us your very life, oh God.

He’s taking us to the place where we are captivated by HIM, we are one with Him, and there’s nothing for us to prove because we will now KNOW that “JESUS LOVES ME, THIS I KNOW!”

Some of you have been through hard and very challenging seasons where there were times you weren’t sure you’d survive, but you have survived by the grace and the faithfulness of God! You need to ask Him for the FAITH and HOPE to receive and move into the new season!

Just like when two rivers come together, both waters mix and mingle together but you can still tell where one ends and the other begins. Then, before long, the waters are completely mixed and there’s no separation. That’s what I see happening many times during the change of spiritual seasons. There is a temptation to allow discouragement to come in because after getting a glimpse of the “new season” the “old season” seems to manifest again.

Don’t be discouraged! Stand strong in faith knowing that the new season will fully manifest. Do your part, be obedient to wrap up loose ends, and look forward not backward! I sense a warning to us to KEEP OUR EYES ON WHAT GOD IS DOING, NOT on what He isn’t!

We decree now— Faith arise for the crossing over into the new season!  I receive the new season! I receive HIS grace to navigate the new season well. It is done! It is mine! Restoration is my portion and my new season is here in Jesus’ name!

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