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Longing for a Kiss – A Word by Kim Black

Kim Black

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The Bible records the first miracle manifested through Christ was at the wedding of Cana.  In this atmosphere filled with love and celebration, Jesus moved “before his time” and turned water into wine.  As a result of this new wine, the wedding guests began to exclaim, “You saved the best wine for last!” The writer of John adds, Jesus did this, the first of his signs and it revealed his glory! This first miracle of water to wine had unstoppable effects. The greatest of these, the disciples began to believe in Him.

The Wedding. Re-united

      A new wine paradigm is emerging and been heralded throughout the body of Christ.  This new wine truth is not just about new structures, patterns and systems, but it is a call to return to the “face place of God” in pure and abandoned worship of our Bridegroom.  The bride surrendered in love will encounter Christ in ways which ignite faith and action like never before. Truly, Jesus saved the best for last.  The revelation of the healing power of His love will ignite the nations with revival.

I heard the Lord say, “I long to kiss my Bride.”

Our first desire

     The Song of Solomon 1:2 records the bride’s first desire.  “Let him kiss me with the [intoxicating] kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine.”  Her sincere longing was to be kissed by the Bridegroom with the kisses of his mouth.  This kiss isn’t just a peck on the head kiss or even a sweet cheek kiss.  These kisses, the better than wine kisses of our lover, are mouth -to- mouth kisses. The cry of the bride should be to experience this face place with God.  His love is better than the effects of wine. Wine affects the mind and reason.  It enters every part of the human body.  However, it doesn’t heal like Jesus’ love can.

     The Lord is releasing miracles to those who are wedding ready.  We need to celebrate his every kiss as better than wine.  Each revelation, each understanding, each strategy fills us with the joy and wisdom of God. Song of Solomon 8:5, declares we were kissed to life in his presence.  Our lives begin in the love of God and are sustained through His love.

Secret of Glory

     In Numbers 12:8, we discover the secret of the intimate relationship between the Lord and Moses. The Lord spoke to the prophets in dark sayings and parables, but to Moses, I will speak mouth to mouth.  The words used in Hebrew indicate mouths that touch. The scholars teach us this indicates God touched the heart of Moses by pressing his mouth against his mouth. This kiss translated volumes of life.  From the kisses of his mouth, His life, His desire, His heart and ways were revealed to a nation.   Moses knew the ways of God, where the children of Israel only witnessed his acts.  These mouth to mouth or face to face encounters, empowered him to endure and to persevere with an obstinate and rebellious people.  This kiss, the glory kiss of His presence, caused Moses’ face to shine.

Power of the Mouth

     We have just entered into this new year 5780, the year of the Power of Pey (mouth).  It’s time to be kissed and then use our mouths to decree and declare what thus says the Lord.  Roar, and Speak heaven into the earth with a new authority and confidence. It’s not only the year to open our mouths to decree, but to use our mouths to love on the Bridegroom!

Take a Deep Drink

     Drink deeply enough of his love until your heart burns with fire.  His love in us and upon us becomes wine.  We don’t have to search for wine to buy with money.  The Lord gives us the wine.  Psalm 104:15 says, “He has given us the sweet wine that strengthens our hearts and daily bread which sustains life giving us glowing health for our bodies.”  This new wine comes from the kisses of his mouth.  There is Hebrew word play for the words kiss and wine.  They are nearly the same word.  This suggests the kisses of God bring the wine of the Spirit into the midst of our being.  It is through these intimate exchanges, transformation begins.  It also suggests the kisses of God are intoxicating.  His kiss alters our old mindsets and paradigms and brings about renewal. It is the new wine which brings the new paradigm in our thinking. The light and love of Christ shines in our hearts and minds so that we can understand our identity and authority.  We can emerge from the King’s chamber of love with an understanding of the authority we have as sons of God and the Bride of Christ

Turning Our Faces

     This kiss requires us to turn our faces towards our Bridegroom. We must turn towards Christ and away from idols and distractions.  When the people of God turn their faces to him, He promises to respond. (2Chron. 7:14) The turning of our faces represents the return of our whole hearts unto the Lord. As we seek his face, then His face turns towards us with His kisses of life. As we choose Christ and acknowledge our dependency on Him; He then kisses and heals the land of our lives and our nation!  He has given us full access and invitation to his kisses.  We must draw near enough to receive these kisses of wisdom, revelation and love.  When we still ourselves in the bridal chamber, it will soon become a delivery room of purpose.

Ask for the kisses of His mouth.   Be strengthened in His kiss.

Come on, pray it with me, “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth!”