Look Again! What You Thought Was Dead Is Now Coming Fully Alive! – A Word by Catherine Plett

Catherine Plett is a prophet and worship leader who receives messages from the Lord via dreams and revelational encounters with His spoken and written word. She is passionate about using her mantle as a prophet to encourage and call individuals up into their identity and destiny in Christ and to speak prophetically into her beloved Canada. She carries this prophetic passion with her into her leadership position in her church family, into ministering in federal institutions, and travelling to First Nations reservations. Her passion as a worship leader is to release the manifest presence of God creating sacred space for His children to encounter their Heavenly Father.

Catherine has been married to her husband Shawn for 21 years and they have three sons. They live in the southern prairies of Manitoba surrounded by wheat fields, rolling hills and spectacular sunsets. Shawn owns and operates a car detailing business while Catherine devotes her time to her family and ministry and has recently begun selling prophetic jewelry.

Look Again! What You Thought Was Dead Is Now Coming Fully Alive! – A Word by Catherine Plett

Catherine Plett

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I had a dream last night where a woman named Karla was hugely pregnant. She began to go into labour and I assisted her in a very painful labour until she gave birth. When I saw her baby I was horrified! It was plastic like a doll. I was so crest fallen for her as she had just gone through such a painful labour and worked so hard only to give birth to a fake baby. But to my surprise, she completely ignored the fact that her baby was plastic and continued on as if she had a real baby, full of joy at her new child! As she carried on in her newborn delight and joy, her fake baby turned into a real plump gorgeous baby! I was so surprised and thrilled for her! Then I woke up. The dream was so deeply etched in my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This is the interpretation God gave me

The woman Karla (her name means ‘strong woman’) represents the bride of Christ. She is a strong woman and she is not moved by the things she sees that are in contradiction to her promise for she calls things that are not as though they were. (Romans 4:17)

The Lord says to you daughter and to you son, “Do not believe the lie that Satan is releasing right now telling you that all your standing, all your decreeing, all your prayers, and all your fasting is for nothing; that all your painful labour has only given you a fraudulent version of what you’ve been labouring to give birth to. That you have been tricked and deceived into more disappointment and hope deferred. He is lying to you. You have laboured well my strong bride and you will receive your reward. I promise you. To those of you who feel that even if you did receive your reward, you’re not even sure how you could ever enjoy it or be ok again because of how deeply this last season has traumatized you, I say this, “As a mother miraculously forgets that just moments ago she was in the midst of a deeply painful labour and then is suddenly filled with overwhelming joy the moment she lays her eyes on her new life, so shall it be with you. I will supernaturally heal all the trauma and the grief and fear in a moment and you will only vaguely remember your pain as if it was a mere story told to you.  I will give you a new lease on life and what looked like a dud will come to full life! The joy you find in Me will be your strength. So do not be discouraged! You will birth your dream My strong bride!

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