Tami Shouse has been in ministry for over 25 years.

She has served in international missions, inner-city ministry, children’s ministry, and pastoral roles. Her heart is to minister to the heart of the Father and to release His heart over people and regions through intercession and prophetic words. Her heart is to see people walk in the fullness of their destiny and to fulfill the plan that God has for their lives. She believes God is bringing an awakening to His people and desires for his children to walk in freedom and in the abundant life that Christ has called us to in John 10:10. Tami lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Matt and daughter, Madisyn.

Lord, Position our Hearts – A Word by Tami Shouse

Tami Shouse

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This week while I was praying, the Lord showed me something He had planned for my future. I felt so unqualified and inadequate, yet fully aware of how many things would have to come into alignment for this “vision” to be fulfilled. As I was resting in His presence, I heard myself say, “Lord, as Mary said to you, I am your servant, may it be unto me as you have said”. I then panicked and felt myself trying to retract my words. “Ummm, Lord, let me grab my Bible and reread again exactly what Mary did say.”

I quickly realized what I had just committed to. In Luke 1:26-38, God sent the angel Gabriel to give Mary the news that she had found favor with God and she would be with child and give birth to a son…Jesus. He will be the son of the most High God and He will reign over the House of Jacob forever and His Kingdom will never end. Mary then asks the angel, “How can this be? I am a virgin.” In other words, I have no idea how any of this can happen, but for nothing is impossible with you Lord. (Vs. 38) I am the Lord’s servant; may it be unto me as you have said. Then the angel left her. I happened to have The Passion Translation Bible beside me, so I picked it up and read the passage. Luke 1:34-35 ~ Mary said, “But how can this happen? I am still a virgin!” Gabriel answered, “The Spirit of Holiness will fall upon you and almighty God will spread his shadow of power over you in a cloud of glory!

This is why the child born to you will be holy, and he will be called the Son of God. The Lord started speaking to me. When the Spirit of Holiness falls upon you and God spreads His power of glory over you…anything I’ve called you to birth will be holy. Then vs. 36 tells us that Elizabeth in her old age is also pregnant. The ‘barren one’ is now expecting. Holy Spirit started showing me that He is bringing His people in to divine alignment. The areas that have been barren are not only about to bring forth life, but will also be forerunners for that which will come. God is doing the unexpected, the unexplainable in this season using the unqualified, faithful ones that have found favor with the Lord in the secret places. The world around us will mock, laugh and falsely accuse, as I am sure they did to Mary. I believe what kept her during that season was the position of her heart. She aligned her heart with the Father’s and because of this alignment and her willingness to accept her assignment, His heartbeat literally manifested in the natural. She carried the very heartbeat of Abba in her womb…the Messiah, our Lord and Savior, Yeshua.

When we align our hearts in the spirit realm, it manifests life in the natural realm. This, that is about to be birthed, will be Holy. The Sprit of Holiness and His glory will birth this coming move. This is a call to true repentance and a turning away from “flirting” with the things of this world. We must position our hearts to walk in a fear/reverence of the Lord and allow the Spirit of Holiness to bring us to our knees in a transformational repentance. The beauty and heaviness of His glory will fall upon those who run in to the arms of their Beloved and turn their backs on every other lover trying to seduce them. This is a season of entering His bridal chambers and allowing our hearts to be positioned to become one with Him. It is then, and only then, will we find favor with Him and conceive His call and vision and birth that which is holy. Luke 1:38 TPT ~ …Yes! I will be a mother for the Lord! As your servant, I accept whatever you have for me. May everything you have told me come to pass. I declare that you will walk in and fulfill the fullness of your destiny. May you yield yourself, align your heart, encounter Him, allow the Spirit of Holiness to fall upon you and welcome Almighty God as He spreads His shadow of power over you in a cloud of glory. May we accept our assignment and may that which we birth be holy and pleasing unto Him. Amen (so be it!)

Tami Shouse Sept. 11, 2023

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