Jennifer Butler is a Mother of two Kingdom warriors of the gospel, J’zpar, aged 7 and J’myson, aged 11, who live together in Central Virginia. As a laid down lover of Christ she has followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and journaled her adventures with her boys as they have grown together in Christ. She has been an active evangelist, revivalist, teacher, speaker and intercessor. PioneerRemnant Ministries is a 508c1a and was birthed in Jennifer’s heart, as the vision was written down and made plain she surrendered it all to God. As an open hand ministry, God has led the ministry in every capacity and the expansion of this Kingdom work has come through dedication, perseverance, prayer and intercession.

Love And Unity – A Word by Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler

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We will see the beginning of The Jesus Movement as in 1972 make it’s comeback this year. The birthing pains will be felt across the nation. The reformation of the Church and the recognition of the gifts that have laid dormant for years will now bring the Church back to life. Cries for Unity heard from the East will converge with cries for Love from the West. Pouring forth a sweet aroma that will rise before the throne room of Heaven.

Many of you that grew up in this Era of the 60’s and 70’s will be used powerfully in this love and unity convergence. Testifying of who you were, who you are, and what you still hope to be in Christ Jesus. You will share with those that have been looked upon as rebellious, viewed as vagabonds, spoken of as being less than. I see keys coming forth from your mouths in song. Singing over the prodigal sons. Sounds of freedom. In loving kindness, you will whisper words of wisdom to those you encounter.

The convergence of love and unity will have those that have been trapped in the system of Pharoah come running to the altar. These are those that have been in the ashes. These are those that will be clothed in righteousness as the haughty will be brought low. The baptism of the Holy Spirit will come upon the people groups, and there will be shouts of “HalleluYah!” Resounding across the land, the Bridegroom is calling those of you that will be used back to Him.

Shiphrah’s, Puah’s, Dorcas’ , Eunice’s, Lydia’s, the women at the well, this is your time. Your time to share the love of Jesus with those that you encounter. Listen for His voice. Follow His lead.

Shofar sounds, banjos, flutes, harps, bongos, all in unison, releasing the sound of Heaven. Tents gathered and set up across the land. Freedom, Justice, and Liberty sung out. Heaven being pulled to earth, and they worship God in Spirit and Truth.

The smell of the latter rain, the refreshing pouring out. Glory, Glory, get on the glory train! His love endures forever!

John 8:36

King James Bible

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

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