Aretha Cross


Aretha Cross is a wife, and a mother of two young men. Aretha is actively involved at her home church in Orlando, FL. She is a Bible study teacher, and prayer group leader. Aretha is honored to be a servant of God, and she loves to spread the Good News everywhere she goes. Her prayer is that these words of encouragement will edify the Body of Christ.

March On – A word by Aretha Cross

Remember My promises. Remember My Word, and remember the miracles I’ve performed for you in days past. I am the same God Who parted the Red Sea. I am the same God Who turned water to wine, and I am the same God who stopped time for Joshua. Yes, I made the sun stand still for him, and I will move mountains on your behalf if you would only believe. My child, doubt, worry, and unbelief distort your thoughts and actions. Cast unbelief aside, and renew your mind through the lens of My Word. Get up and take that next step, and I will cause all circumstances to fall in your favor. Now is the time to move on with the dreams and visions I have placed on the inside of you. Nothing can deter My plans for you. Your fear, hesitancy, and dubiousness are the only hindering factors between you and your dreams. The enemy has been rendered powerless. The truth is, the only power he has is the imaginary power you’ve ascribed to him. The adversary will surely have a feast with the “deceptive” powers you’ve accorded him, unless you latch on to My Word which is TRUTH. The enemy of your calling is and will always be the defeated foe. So, march on My child, march on. I am the One Who has rekindled the dreams and visions on the inside of you. And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. (Isaiah 30:21) Trust Me, be intrepid, and watch Me pull out the supernatural carpet of grace, goodness, and mercy for you to walk on when you take that first step of faith.

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