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Mercy Miracles Are Popping! – A Word by Veronica McDonald

Mercy Miracles Are Popping!
A Word by Veronica McDonald

You’re a miracle of love and love you’re going to see! You’re going to fly high in this NOW season and enter into rest amid the test! The times you thought your best days were over are now DONE and DUSTED!! You’ve arisen from the ashes of past defeat!!!! It’s time to come up higher as your lens has been adjusted!!! No longer will the enemy have a field day with you, bullying you and trying to pick a fight!! NO! You’re taking flight!

This is your time and this is your hour! The past has gone and the new has come!
“You’re going to see provision for the vision as you come follow Me,” says the Hope of glory!
It’s time to get excited! To get your hopes up! To walk on your sea once called impossibility!! Intimacy is Heaven’s decree!

The heat seeker has pursued you relentlessly!! You’re chosen! You’re set apart! Nothing and no one can tear you apart! This is your time and this is your hour! It’s an hour of POWER as Intimacy has caused you to see. To see as HE sees. “Perfect and spot free!” That’s HEAVEN’S decree!

“You can run to Me, and miracles of Mercy you shall see, says the King of Glory!

The muzzle is off!

With clarity you shall see an unfolding of Daddy’s purposes amid your life and ministry! (“Your entire life is a ministry unto Me, says the King of Glory!” )You are a light bearer! One who carries the torch of truth!
Foolish spirits that want to pick a fight must take flight!! You’re one who eats from the TREE of LIFE! No more strife!

All that’s lovely and true and pure and right is coming to you! Divine alignments and divine assignments and the provision for the vision too!!

The deer has found His doe in you!! You’ve won his heart, right from the start. Miracles of love you shall see.
Fear, insecurity, false identity, false responsibility are on the go! No longer will you take second best! The breath of God is upon you! Clearly you shall see using the gift of discernment correctly!

Religious shackles are broken, you are FREE! The enemies tactics of fear and doubt and not enough and manipulation, agitation and works of the flesh shall FLEE!!

The deer has set you free! You are WON in the SON and He’s leading you into greater levels of intimacy!
Mis-understanding and enemy dialogue must flee!! The lies of the enemy have been intercepted! Clearly you shall see!

New alignments and divine assignments, new pathways and new connections are opening up!
Miracles of mercy are now popping 1,2,3!!!

Matthew 1:23 “ Listen! A virgin will be pregnant, she will give birth to a Son, and he will be known as “Emmanuel” which means in Hebrew, “God became one of us.”

Veronica McDonald

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