Need Healing? – A word by Thomas Griffin

Thomas Griffin


My 6 year old Isaac was so sick that according to him, “couldn’t find the way out, so he just slept on bathroom counter.”  

My poor baby, so sick with the flu. We immediately left and went home. I held him, watched him struggle, and thought over and over to myself, “If I could take this from Him, I would.” 

Where does this nature come from? The answer is simple. LOVE. That’s what Jesus did. Jesus loved us enough He took the cost for our healing upon His back. 

If I being natural have compassion for my son, how much more Our Father for us? It was love that compelled Him to pay a price for our transgressions. It was love that cause Him to accept being bruised for our iniquity. It was love that accepted being gruesomely beaten so that you could be whole. Why does it have to be this way? Restoration has a cost and the good news, Jesus paid it. 

God cares. And to put it in a more personal way; your father cares when you are sick and or in pain. It moves His heart with compassion for you to see you in any unholy brokenness. Never once did he say “this is your bed, now lay in it”, or see you without compassion and desire to make you whole. Jesus HEAL EVERY PERSON THAT ASKED OF HIM and He’s the same today, yesterday and forever. 

Jesus is the expression of Our Father’s heart and has revealed Our Fathers heart to see you whole in that He refused NO ONE for healing. Sometimes pain can make us think crazy thoughts like, “does God even care?” but I tell you again, if I being natural would be willing to pay any price to see my sons whole, then how much more does Our Father desire to see us whole!

I want to speak for a second to those who have battled sickness. The Lord’s intentions was never for you to be sick. It pricks His heart to see you struggle and in pain. Sickness and bodily dysfunction came as a result of the fall of Adam (and Eve). I hear the Lord saying…

“The was not the plan. Eden is whole and in my perfect design, nothing is missing, nothing broken, and no one hurting and unhealthy. I have sent Jesus to make all things new again. That is, to renew them back to their original state. By His stripes you were healed, and I desire to see that healing working in you that my Son may receive the reward of His sacrifice. As you trust in Me, I will uphold you, I will restore, I will relieve you and I’m working all of this for your good. That is my promise to those who trust in me. To everything there is a time and season. YES, even for your healing. Keep trusting, keep believing in the restoration my Son has accomplished and you will see it a completed work in you!”

So what then, could he heal me if He wanted to? He has already healed you, because He wanted to. Seeing that reality manifest in our lives will happens as we walk out His plan(steps) for our lives and grow in faith in His finished work through perseverance. Hoping in Jesus, trusting in Jesus, learning to trust our creator and His plan, learning the nature of Abba while we await His moving understanding that we cannot falsely charge Him for the pains that are the fruit of the disobedience of Adam. He did not break you, but  because of His furious love for you, He will certainly restore you as you believe(which requires hope and trust).

So be strong and courageous. Don’t lose sight of hope. I’m believing with you for the finished work of healing in your life and that you are able to follow His steps He’s ordained for your arriving at the destination of wholeness. 



I bless you in the name of Jesus – Thomas Griffin, Co-founder of Spirit Fuel


P.s. We went through a week of 102 fevers from 6/8 family members. Hallelujah, today we are all clear of the Flu. Thank you Lord that it wasn’t prolonged and that in the middle, I could still see you and hear what you are saying! 

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