New Oil A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe Dawson is a Visionary Leader Who Empowers Believers To Accomplish The Call That God Has Placed Inside Of Them. His Heart Is To See This Nation Awakened And For Every Individual To Experience Personal Revival. God Is Calling Us As Believers To A Greater Depth Of Intimacy with Him, And Joe’s passion Is To See That Reached. Website: joejoedawson.net 


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New Oil A Word by Joe Joe Dawson


Joe Joe Dawson

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I was recently walking up to the doors of our ministry center and had a prophetic vision. In the vision, I could see a company of angels standing over our building. Each of the angels was holding a large jar of beautiful oil and it seemed as if they were about to pour them out. This vision confirmed many prophesies about our personal ministry and what God has promised to do in our region. However, I believe this is also a prophetic sign for the entire remnant!


The people who have been hidden in the secret place and have spent years in prayer and fasting are about to have new oil poured out over them! Heaven is ready to release fresh anointing over the ones who have remained faithful to God season after season. If you have been in the wilderness with God, get ready for the new oil!


This new oil that will be poured out is not for the individuals that will receive it, it is for the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God! Those that are only thinking of themselves and those that have selfish ambition, this is not their season! This is an hour where God is releasing fresh anointing over those that have character, integrity, and humility. New oil and new wine will be poured out on people and ministries that have set their faces like flint to seek the Lord and pursue His presence with no ulterior motives.


The hungry will be filled and fed in this hour. Those that have oil will begin to separate themselves from those who do not. If you are hungry, and you are connected to a dry place, find a community of believers who can feed you! Don’t be afraid to let your hunger push you past the status quo and into a new alignment. The hungry will find like-minded people to run with in this season. Ministries that have fresh oil will attract spiritually hungry people. In this season, realignments will come and the new oil will begin to flow. Those that have been hungry for the real, authentic and raw things of God will experience encounters and outpouring from the Spirit of God like never before.


In this day and in this hour, we can no longer play church. The time for passive Christianity has passed. The true people of God are about to be anointed with fresh oil to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God. The Lord is calling for the true sons and daughters to arise, dripping with fresh anointing, to walk in the power of God and to manifest signs, wonders, and miracles everywhere they go. God will use those that have been set apart to shift regions and territories. New oil is about to be poured out!


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