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New Word For Today – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston 

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You are in a season of God-ordained CLOSURE and DELIVERANCE where God is reconciling and finalizing the last 7 years of your life so that you can move out of waiting and into the new day.

He sees the trials you have walked through, the obstacles you have faced, and the toll it has taken and right now He is bringing this season of your journey to a spiritual end.

In a vision I saw the Lord reading a ledger and was stamping each page with the words “account closed”. He was settling every incoming and outgoing transaction of this 7 year season and bringing them to a close.

Then I heard Him say “The old doors must be shut, and the new must be opened” but many have been stuck in between unable to move because they have not allowed full closure to come.

Many have been stuck in the darkroom of their pain rehearsing and rewatching their greatest failures and trying to relive their highlight reel moments, but now it’s time to leave that place and embrace the new.

I heard Him say “What I have ahead of will eclipse your last seasons highlights, and will bring healing to the pain of your greatest defeats.”

God is bringing closure to the wrong voices in your life, the wrong confidants, and the wrong alignments that aren’t in your corner.

He is healing and delivering you from betrayals poison, manipulation and control, narcissism and abuse, slander and identity assassination.

He is settling the score of the words that were spoken against you out of competition and jealousy, and speaking a new declaration over your life.

You will begin to feel the deep severing of ties you didn’t know you had and the untwisting of your life that has been woven around the wrong people and places God never ordained for you or you have outgrown.

God is bringing justice and recompense to what was illegally stolen and robbed from you in the last 7 years, and is fast tracking what was held back or hidden from you.

He is bringing closure to your Nazareth season, your wandering & stuck season, and your season of dishonor and rejection from the place you loved but felt never loved you back.

He is bringing closure to assignments and purpose that suddenly ended without warning, where the grace lifted, and you have been feeling lost and trying to find your new mission blueprints.

You have felt jaded and numb in times to the presence and felt far from the peace you once had but God is right now detoxing you and causing your heart to come alive again and feel again.

I heard the Lord say “I have a season of conquests ahead of you but you won’t be effective unless I first deliver you from the weariness and deep soul-sick discouragement you have been carrying.”

He is delivering you from the mind battles, torment, and shellshock of the last season and bringing freedom to your mind, healing to your body, and recovery to your soul.

You haven’t plateaued, reached your summit, or been passed by. For your days ahead are going to be better than your former and where you felt like your race was over, you will feel a new fire in your feet to run again.

In the past season you had to hold onto Him with everything because it was a season of experiencing incredible blows and being taunted by giants on all sides, but in this season you will take down the giants that once cornered you.

In this season you faced so many battles that you lost your fight and felt like all your strength had evaporated, but soon you will wake up and feel your hair begin to grow back where it was cut, and you’ll bend down and pick up your smoothed stones once again. 

You will feel a fight back and a strength begin to surge in your spirit and with tears in your eyes realize God just delivered you from the rut of defeat you were laying in.

“Look for the moments where I come and RESET you” I heard Him say. You will know because you will feel like years of baggage and overheads suddenly LIFT. You won’t wake up bombarded by worry and anxiety. You will get your sleep and dreams back. Feel like peoples chatter is no longer on your radar, and feel excited for the unknown and not fearful anymore. This is your hour of CLOSURE to the old and the new beginning..


If this spoke to you just know that God is doing a major work in your life right now to set you up for the season ahead.

Jesus is freeing you right now. He is the new door and your rescue from your past season and every assignment that waged war against you. He is your answer right now where things feel uncertain and your future where you may feel lost. You can hold onto Him and embrace Him and get total freedom.

In the last two weeks I have seen God bring major deliverance to people who have been shipwrecked and bound and if you felt the presence and anointing on this and want that same freedom just ask Him for it! Share below what God did as you asked Him.

“I removed his shoulder from the burden; His hands were freed from the baskets.” Psalms 81:6

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