Candace is a wife, mother to 5, pastor, and counselor. She has personally walked through tremendous trials, abuse, and loss. She carries the overcoming anointing and imparts and teaches it to others all across the world through her preaching, and counseling ministry. Her and her husband’s heart are to see families healed and restored. They are pioneering a healing ministry which includes wildernesses retreats, healing nights and much more.

Nothing has gone unseen! – A Word by Candace Roberts

Candace Roberts

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Many of you have given your all this year. Given to many different things, places and people. You’re ending the year feeling defeated because it seems as though it has gone completely unnoticed.

People didn’t recognize or validate you.

But do not be dismayed, your faithfulness was seen by eternal eyes. Your reward is in Him, not man.

Jesus saw it all. Weighed it all, and now He’s going to restore it all.

You may have lost time, money, resources, so much emotional investment. Loyalty that was not returned.

Rejoice, rejoice in it all! Be thankful, because the Lord is about to return 7 fold. Your reward will be much more than what you could have earned or been given in the natural.

The enemy wants you to end 2022 feeling hopeless and defeated. But God wants you to end it knowing your payback is just around the corner.

He he saying nothing went unseen. Nothing went unnoticed, and nothing will be left undone! He is going to make everything right. He saw your heart, your tears.

The places you pushed yourself when you thought you couldn’t go on. He saw your honesty and integrity, even when it cost you.

The enemy is trying to temp you into thinking you should have just compromised like everyone else, because they seem better off. Don’t believe it!

Don’t fret over what was lost, over what they didn’t give you or follow through on. Because He’s about to come through and blow your mind!

He’s always faithful, always just and always right on time. Enter 2023 with your heart pure and set on the real prize, on your real love and just watch what He will do

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