Emily-Rose Lewis

Prophetic Word About Time

I had a vision of a sculptor sculpting a beautiful form of a human and the hand of God reaching out from the dimension of heaven and removing the glasses from the face of a woman. As I prayed into these two symbols the Lord spoke to my spirit that He is training the spiritual senses of His people to discern the times and seasons to enable them to overcome obstacles in 2020 that would otherwise trip them up.
The faith of some has diminished over the last decade because of misunderstanding the ways of God regarding the times and seasons. The love and intimacy of portions of Christ’s bride has grown cold in the waiting. Others have worn themselves out working in their own strength to bring about the promises that God has placed in their hearts, often missing crucial turning points or refusing to be redirected by God.
I see many people that have been in bondage restrained in chains made out of the broken pieces of clocks breaking free as the Great Artist chisels away. The hammer hits the chisel splintering the cords that entangle the souls of God’s new creations. Scales, that look like clocks are brushed away from the eyes of those that have been adopted by God as His royal sons and daughters.
The hand of God is moving on behalf of all of His people to work good through all of the dashed hopes of seasons past to create a solid and unshakable faith in God and a peaceful resting in the knowledge that His timing is perfect. There are unprecedented numbers of believers coming to the end of themselves and surrendering on a deeper level than they ever have before. This humbling of the body and bending of individual wills to God’s bigger picture purposes that is taking place in the world is making room for true intimacy between the Father and His children ushering in a revival of holiness in the church.
God is fine tuning His people to be useful instruments and vessels in His hand, prepared to do His will in the earth without being distracted by carnal concerns or slaves to the clock. He is giving the wonderful gift of freedom from the tyranny of time to all who are led by the His Spirit. You have not run out of time. It is not too late. Time is not your enemy. God is causing His people to master the clock in 2020.
“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.’ -Hebrews 3:15
The spark of faith that started at the hearing of His Word is being fanned to flames by a fresh wind of His Spirit that is blowing in as the world resets their clocks to the new year of 2020. By your great faith receive back the time that was lost. God is restoring lost time through accelerated growth of the seeds that are planted. Now is the time to plant generously in obedience and faith.
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