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Opportunities are Opening Your Doors – A Word by Cheryl Jenkins

Cheryl Jenkins

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As I was sitting, just meditating on the Lord, I heard him say, “opportunities are opening doors.” In my natural mind I was thinking, don’t open doors present opportunities… Lord, did I hear you right or do I have it backwards?

He showed me many of you have been looking for the open door that would give you your big opportunity to advance. But, the Lord says, He will create your big opportunity as you obey Him in the little things each day. Your continued obedience is building character. Your faithfulness to your commitments will open the suddenly and unexpected in your life to opportunities you didn’t even recognize as opportunities or never thought of as an opportunity.

As you actively seek Him and obey what He tells you, you are proving yourself as a leader and allowing the Lord to establish you. When the Lord feels you have died enough to yourself and your agenda, the opportunities will present themselves. As you say yes and step into the opportunity before you, it will open the door to your next destiny assignment.

A few months ago, I was presented with an opportunity to oversee our Children’s ministry at church. You may be thinking… children’s ministry… an opportunity? I was already busy launching a ministry the Lord had directed me to build as I was awaiting an open door that would move it to the next level. While I felt I really did not have time to do Children’s ministry, I felt it was an opportunity God was placing before me. I could use my gifts, talents and years of experience to help disciple the children, build its foundation and further the Kingdom by training and equipping the leaders, so I said yes.

Saying yes and being faithful to that opportunity opened the door to an opportunity to preach/teach at my church which opened doors to ministering outside my church, a door I had been waiting for God to open.

“Make the most of every opportunity….”  Ephesians 5:16 (NLT)

I feel like the Lord is saying He has equipped many of you with gifts and talents and has placed dreams and visions in your heart. But fulfilling that dream and vision is a process spun by opportunity. Once the seed is planted in your heart, it needs fertile ground to grow. It takes maturity, obedience and hearing His voice of strategy if it’s going to come to pass. In other words, God wants to grow our character, so we are ready. Therefore, He puts us in places that will do just that. They might not be the places we want to go but they are the places we need to grow.

So, the next time an opportunity is presented to you, think twice before you say no because it’s not what you want to do. Ask God to open your eyes to recognize the opportunities He is placing before you. Deny yourself, do it in excellence and be faithful to it. It might just be the opportunity God will use to open your next destiny door.

“I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me.”

Revelation 3:8 NLT

God will do what you are unable or cannot do. He’s moving in the supernatural in this season. He knows what’s in your heart and He is not moved by what you think are your limitations. If you are willing, He is able. Your obedience in this season will reap much fruit as you make the sacrifices to obey His Word.

I hear the Lord say, “If you will not deny Him, He will not deny you.”

Take that step of faith, be faithful in your commitments and watch what God will do through you!

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