Our Blood Sealed Covenant, Rejoicing in our Salvation, and a Glorious Kingdom Celebration! – A Word by Elizabeth Verver

Elizabeth is a passionate pursuer of The heart and presence of God, a loving wife to Frankie Verver, and a devoted homeschool Mom of four beautiful children from ages 11-15. Her story is one from darkness to light, depression to joy, and hopelessness to beyond hope in Him. She desires to see people from all walks of life reach their highest potential in Christ, be completely set free, and discover the God ordained dream He designed for them. Elizabeth speaks at conferences and Bible studies, preaching the word of God in power and boldness. Website: elizabethverver.com

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Our Blood Sealed Covenant, Rejoicing in our Salvation, and a Glorious Kingdom Celebration! – A Word by Elizabeth Verver

Elizabeth Verver

I am in great anticipation to share what is next on God’s agenda. We have now entered the new Hebrew year and God revealed His plan of restoration. This year is indeed a time of recompense and reward. His true sons and daughters will arise in this season and they will be stamped in His glory and resurrection power. We will see the inward seal of the Holy Spirit upon us and through us.

I want to share about a recent vision the Lord gave me during a miracle and healing service that I was attending right after the Days of awe. We were gathered together praising and worshipping God, when all of a sudden the Lord began to show me a picture of what was happening in heaven. I saw the Lord sitting at a table and there were many hosts in heaven working and gathering supplies in preparation for what appeared to be a large party of sorts.

I saw party decorations, beautiful party hats, plates, and settings to be distributed for a rather large company of people. As I was watching all of this take place I asked the Lord, “what are we celebrating?” I heard Him reply, “All of heaven is preparing for a great harvest of souls.” It was truly amazing! I could see the excitement in His eyes and feel the joy in the room as many were getting ready for what was coming. Then,  I saw the Lord seated at a beautiful table and He was holding a gold pen in His hand. I looked and I could see that He was writing and signing these majestic looking invitations. He was the host and was sending out invitations to the guests for this party. I felt honored to see what was happening and felt the joy of a glorious party that was being prepared even now.

The next day I awoke and the Lord began to speak to me about the party being His banquet in heaven and the invited guests that he had been waiting on. He had been waiting for them to attend the banquet of glorious riches and beauty unforeseen in this lifetime. He had prepared for them in advance and was still waiting on their reception. That’s when He took me to the scriptures in Matthew 22:1-11 Let’s look at this together.

There once was a king who arranged an extravagant wedding feast for his son. On the day the festivities were set to begin, he sent his servants to summon all the invited guests, but they chose not to come. So the king sent even more servants to inform the invited guests, saying, “Come for the sumptuous feast is now ready! The oxen and fattened cattle have been killed and everything is prepared, so come! Come to the wedding feast for my son and his bride. “But the invited guests were not impressed. One was preoccupied with his business; another went off to his farming enterprise. Matthew: 22:2-5 TPT

The scriptures go on to tell about the many invited guests who did not show up and so the king then sent invitations for all the people everywhere to attend the banquet he had prepared in their honor as His guest.  Jesus finished it all for the Bride of Christ. We have allowed many things to keep us from entering into the feast of the Lord. We have everything needed in the blood covenant with Jesus, but the enemy has distracted and blinded many to these truths. These blinders and strongholds will be broken off of God’s people and the Church will arise to go into the highways and byways to bring the King His invited guests.

We have been invited to attend this feast of celebration with the Lord and also to invite many to join us. It is the Lord who is sending us and empowering us for great exploits to advance His Kingdom and gather His invited guests. As these blinders and strongholds are broken off His children, they will again rejoice in their salvation. We are worthy through His righteousness! We are coheirs with Christ who called and redeemed us! We are victorious and already made more than conquerors through our covenant with God that is sealed in the blood of His Son! We are His prized possession! We are arising for His purpose and plans!

The Tabernacle Celebration and the Feast of Booth

The Lord began to show me about the feast of booths, the third of the Fall feasts. This is a set time on God’s calendar when the children of Israel were required to build booths as a memorial of their enslavement and redemption. It is a time to celebrate the coming Harvest. To thank the Lord for all He has done and all He is going to do. My family had booked a camping trip 6 months ago in order to rest and recharge together. To my amazement the exact dates of our trip also aligned with this feast. We would be camping during the Feast of booths just as every Jew around the world would be. We would be celebrating together with the Lord in all that is yet to come. I knew the Lord was speaking of the time of celebration and the restoration He had promised to His children. He will bring to pass His promises to his children. We have entered into His set time to recover all!

Rejoice children of God! Laugh with heaven! Enter into a time of great celebration with your king! You have been invited to sit at the Lord’s great banquet table and it is time for you to take your place in His Kingdom. We will see many arising in this hour as we prepare for the harvest of souls that all of heaven is preparing for. Shake off grave clothes and rejoice in the hope of your salvation! You, who are His own have already been invited to take your place. Let nothing keep you from your seated place in Christ. The Lord is sending out His servants to gather His guests. It will be a time of great celebration as one by one they enter in! Rejoice! Dance! Sing praises in His name and honor! Prepare your heart for this time of great delight and joy with Your King! Lift up your heads and let your soul be restored in the hope of salvation. Weariness is breaking and your eyes will see the rising of your King and His great deliverance of His beloved. He has prepared a place for you and nothing can keep you from entering into your position in Him. Let the party and festivities with the King begin!

Here are some key scriptures to read during the Feast of booths and the set time of celebration with the Lord. Praise Him in advance for the breakthroughs on the horizon!

Psalm 37:13 The Lord laughs at him {the wicked one-the one who oppresses the righteous} For he sees that his day {of defeat} is coming.

Romans :16-19 These scriptures speak of the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God being revealed.


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