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Our God is Clearing the Path for You – A Word By Karen C. Jones

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Our God is Clearing the Path for You
By Karen C. Jones

Recently, right after leading our church’s morning prayer conference call, I immediately saw an image of Jesus walking on a calendar!

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I saw the Lord Jesus walking as it were on a larger than life calendar. He had a broom in His Hand and it looked like He was walking toward the next six months. He was sweeping the broom back and forth just like one would in one’s house. This sweeping things out of the way was creating the second wind. I didn’t see His Face, but I knew He had the biggest smile on His Face. All we had to do was to continue to follow Him!! Wherever He walks, everything changes!

I feel like the past six months have been very trying for many in the Body of Christ. There are those who have kept a smile on the outside but pain and weeping on the inside . If the truth be known, many have been through catastrophic conditions that you thought were over and have been in uncomfortable, hurting places. But I can tell you as you have put your trust in the Lord no matter what, He has not only preserved you but He has defended you and shielded you from what the enemy really wanted to do.

With joy, look to the latter half of this year for Jesus is clearing the path for you. He’s sweeping away those things that impeded your progress. And the force of His sweeping is creating a wind that will propel you forward.

I also really sensed that the weapon of choice in the next six months is that of worship. Yes, do all the others as He lays it on your heart (prayer, decreeing, giving, declaring, fasting, etc.) But there’s something about our worship and praise in the next six months that will activate angelic assistance on our behalf and bring such a joy because once again the Lord has shown Himself strong and mighty.

Look ahead with joy and peace and refuse to allow the days of extreme pressure of the last six months to outweigh the grace, favor and manifestation to come in the days ahead. Our God is the Creator of time and He can accelerate what needs to be sped up in your life, and He can redeem the time for what you thought was over.

The Word is walking on your behalf as the Wind of His Spirit is carrying you to your appointed destiny.

“God is good, a hiding place in tough times. He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, No matter how desperate the trouble. But cozy islands of escape He wipes right off the map. No one gets away from God. Why waste time conniving against God? He’s putting an end to all such scheming. For troublemakers, no second chances. Like a pile of dry brush, Soaked in oil, they’ll go up in flames.”
Nahum 1:7 – MSG

Karen C. Jones
Email: [email protected]
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