The Invitation: A Prophetic Word From The Shepherd’s Heart – A Word by Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins is a seasoned prophetic writer, teacher, and Christian leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience across denominations. Her passion is to communicate God‚Äôs heart to his people, empowering them to build the kingdom of God. Website: hisinscriptions.com Email: [email protected] ¬† Dear Friends,¬† ¬† In the past few months, I have been blessed to have several encounters with the Lord in which He revealed Himself to me chiefly as the¬†Shepherd. In modern-day terms we might say he manifested Himself as a¬†Pastor, or perhaps as a very wise and dear Companion. ¬† Whatever the terminology, I was reminded more than once of the scripture in¬†1 Peter 2:25¬†which reads:¬†"You were continually straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls."¬†I have been thoroughly captured by the gentleness, patience, and love I have seen as He manifested Himself to me this way! ¬†...
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July 2020 Prophetic Word – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe Dawson is¬†a¬†Visionary¬†Leader Who Empowers Believers¬†To Accomplish The Call That God Has Placed Inside Of Them. His Heart Is To See This Nation Awakened¬†And For Every Individual To Experience Personal Revival. God Is Calling Us As Believers To A Greater Depth Of Intimacy with Him, And Joe‚Äôs¬†passion Is To See That Reached. Website: joejoedawson.net July 2020 Prophetic Word A Word by Joe Joe Dawson ¬† Email: joejoedaws[email protected] The Lord recently began to talk to me about this upcoming month of July being a time of explosion. I see an explosion coming to so many in the body of Christ in this season. Many will experience explosive growth, explosive encounters, explosive opportunities, and favor. There will be breakthrough and miracles in the explosion. In the month of July, many will see an explosion of the power of God released in and through their lives! Many times, in the natural, if...
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Where The Rubber Hits The Road! – A Word by Rev. Josephine Marie Ayers

Rev. Josephine Marie (Jo) Ayers, wife of 27 years, mother, grandmother of 5. She is also a worshiper, author, conference speaker, prophet, teacher, evangelist, church planter. ¬† Ordained and licensed since since late 90's she is now president and founder of Flames of Fire Ministries, Inc.an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry.¬†Jo also Vice President of the Mendon Fire District Auxiliary. ¬† Her home church is Elim Gospel Church, Lima, NY., where she is an ¬†"Influencer ". Former Area Team Member for San Diego, Ca. Women's Aglow. ¬†Former Facility Chairperson for Camp Rainbow Women's Correctional Facility, Fallbrook, Ca. under Women's Aglow, and also her own ministry. She is also former Associate Director of a Greater Rochester Healing Rooms. She is also a ¬†NYS Registered Professional Nurse, and former California realtor and notary. Website:¬†flamesoffire.us ¬† Where The Rubber Hits The Road! ¬† A Word by Rev. Josephine Marie (Jo) Ayers ¬† ¬† Email:¬†[email protected]

God is Giving You Racing Blinders – A Word by Gypsy Dallas-Smith

Gypsy Dallas Smith is called to the Mountain of Media. She is the Founder of, ‚ÄúBorn2Inspire,‚ÄĚ a Media Ministry that broadcast, ‚ÄúVoices of Hope‚ÄĚ.¬†She is an Ordained Minister, through Summit Bible College and holds the position of Prophetic Program & Leadership Director as well as, Instructor.¬† ¬† She is an Apostolic Reformer, Prophetic Scribe, Evangelist & Teacher. Called to Awaken, Equip & Inspire Godly Leaders, her heart is for Reformation of the Church, Reconciliation with the Father & Equipping believers. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three sons. She is available for Speaking, Writing & Interviews. To contact her; her email address is¬†[email protected] Website: GypsyDallasSmith.com¬† ¬† God is Giving You Racing Blinders ¬† A Word by Gypsy Dallas-Smith ¬† Things are really starting to pick up in the spirit. I can hear the sounds of horses as they are getting ready to be released from a starting...
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Prophetic Dream About Gross Darkness In The Land & Joy In July – A Word by Madeline James

Madeline James is an emerging prophetic voice who releases the heart of the Father, which is like a tuning fork for the Body of Christ. As a seer who operates in the revelatory gifts, she imparts revelation and wisdom that propels the Body of Christ forward into their destiny. Madeline is the author of four books including her most recent, Prophetic Protocol. She is also the blogger of the prophetic blog Nabi‚Äôs Pen. She resides in Lexington, KY with her husband Richie and their two daughters. prophetmj.com ¬† Prophetic Dream About Gross Darkness In The Land & Joy In July ¬† A Word by Madeline James ¬† ¬† Email: [email protected] ¬† As we have stepped into 2020, it's like we've stepped into something out of a Hollywood movie. We are living in unprecedented times, and experiencing things across the world, especially in the United States not seen in our lifetime....

An Important Dream By Ryan Johnson

Son of God, Husband, and Father of four. Ryan has devoted his life to the righteousness of Christ, with the demonstration of the Father's Heart in regions, individuals, and The Church across the world. Ryan Johnson Ministry is a full time itinerant ministry traveling throughout the United States and the Nations. ryanjohnson.us ¬† Email:¬†[email protected]‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Ä謆 ¬† An Important Dream By Ryan Johnson ¬† Not long ago I had a dream that I believe that¬†the Lord is permitting to speak¬†to the Body of Christ. The dream initially began with me being in a public place that looked like it would be in a large city (but I do not recall any city specifically). People were gathered in a large crowd that appeared to be like a¬†mob of protesters. I was in the middle of the crowd and my view initially began to pan around the crowd overlooking the people holding up¬†their signs....
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Systems Deployed! – A Word by Faith Marie Baczko

Faith Marie Baczko is presently the President of Headstone International Ministries and Headstone Academy that are rich and robust in the purposes and plans of God. She has an entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit that moves her to continually break new ground. Faith is a prophetic teacher, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the Body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. Faith attends Catch The Fire church Toronto and is a member of the Catch The Fire Leader‚Äôs Alliance; she is also a member of BAMN ‚Äď Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network, in alignment with the leadership of Apostle Barbara Yoder. headstoneministries.com/about-us/ Email: [email protected]¬† Systems Deployed! A Word by Faith Marie Baczko ¬† Over the last six months God has continually pressed me with the words launch and rocket. From January of 2019 He revealed that May 2020 would be the Launch, and over Pentecost the Space X rocket...
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The Lord Is Raising Up Many Gideons And A Mighty Remnant Army! – A Word by Amanda Shiflett

Amanda Shiflett is the founder of¬†Prophetic¬†Reformer¬†and Co-founder of¬†Kingdom Life Ministries, along with her husband Darin. She¬†is¬†a Prophetic Minister who heard the Lord's call from¬†a very young age.¬†Amanda is a heralding voice of truth, holiness, and purity within the prophetic, and calls others to stand in a place of no compromise in their callings. Website:¬†propheticreformer.com ¬† Email:¬†[email protected]¬† ¬† The Lord Is Raising Up Many Gideons And A Mighty Remnant Army! ¬† A Word by Amanda Shiflett ¬† Could this word that I released one year ago today, be a part of what we are needing right now?¬†Lord, raise up Your army, to tear down the altars that their fathers created! ¬† THE LORD IS RAISING UP MANY GIDEONS AND A MIGHTY REMNANT ARMY!!¬† ¬† The Lord has been speaking to me and having me read in the scriptures all week about Gideon. Today during the morning service we were in, while...

Prophetic Word: Are You Lost In The Swirl? Ascend The Hill And Get Fresh Oil! – A word by Nate Johnston

Our Hearts are to¬†Raise up¬†a¬†generation of¬†sons and daughters who reflect King Jesus.¬†We see a world where God‚Äôs sons and daughters are awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ establishing the Kingdom of heaven here on the earth. Our desire is to see God‚Äôs people permeate the earth with the glory of Jesus.¬†Nate and Christy‚Äôs¬†full bio can be found at:¬†nateandchristy.co Email:¬†[email protected] Prophetic Word: Are You Lost In The Swirl? Ascend The Hill And Get Fresh Oil! A word by Nate Johnston This is a word for those who have been feeling bewildered, exhausted, and lost in the swirl going on around them in the world or circumstances happening to them. I believe over the next few days God is going to refuel you and refill you as you beak away from the noise and sit with him. There are those who have bene feeling so bombarded by chatter...
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Press In РA Word by Elaine Tavolacci

Elaine Tavolacci has been a student of the Word since 1984. She has a prophetic gifting and teaches the Body of Christ how to walk in the fullness of all that the Lord has created them to be. Her ministry, ‚ÄúA Word in Season,‚ÄĚ is a prophetic word that she writes weekly and has been an encouragement to others since 2004. The words that she shares minister life to the discouraged, set people free from fear, sin and trauma. Her ministry brings direction, correction, wisdom and revelation as well as salvation to the lost. Website: awordinseason.info Email:¬†[email protected]¬† ¬† Press In A Word by Elaine¬†Tavolacci ¬† The past few weeks through all the pandemonium and pandemics in our country I‚Äôve noticed that people have been desperately seeking a word from God. Unbelievers are searching for answers and believers want to know what the Holy Spirit is saying in this hour. We...
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