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Pioneers – Don’t Believe The Bad Report – The Waters Are About To Break! – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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A few days the Lord began speaking to me about pioneers and pioneer families who have been facing impossible obstacles and giants preventing them from advancing.

In a vision I saw waves and rushing river rapids from many different streams all begin to collect like headwaters in a basin and they were swirling but unable to move any further. As I looked closer I saw that there was an obstruction stopping the flow which looked like a dam wall but the waters were too much for the wall and it was beginning to crack. Then I heard the Lord say “The waters are about to break!”


As soon as Iheard those words I suddenly looked out at the horizon and could see the assignment that God had given to these pioneers and why their assignment had been so heavily contested. Then I heard these words  “This is over territory, inheritance, and legacy!”

This is why the fight at your doorstep has felt unrelenting and tiresome because what is at stake right now is the destiny of your family as well as the destiny of nations.

This is why the red tape has only tightened its grip, the roadblocks seemed to have multiplied, and the delays have increased to stop your advancement.

This is why the war on your home has hit an all-time high, and you have had to warfare for peace and clarity on a daily basis – because the enemy sees the breakthrough coming to your family line and the promise over your future.

He sees the freedom that has come because of your faith leaps, the new bloodline that has begun, and the anointing that has doubled because of your yes.

Many have come to what feels like an impenetrable stop on every side but this isn’t the end of the story – the hold-up is breaking, the hold-back is breaking, the resistance is wearing down and soon MOVEMENT will come.

So many pioneer families have stepped out into the unknown in faith and have faced assault pon assault, barricades, and obstructions to the promise they were given to the point they have wanted to go back to Egypt.

Many have seen new and terrifying giants emerging and standing at the gates to their life’s greatest promises but this is not a moment to retreat or be intimidated! Giants like to camp around your greatest promotions – just keep going!

Many have been saying at this point “Do we turn back around? Do we retrace our steps? Did we miss it?” but over the next few months there are going to be some major reminders of your call and major wins to lift you out of defeat.

In the days to come you will realize that in these moments of standing – LEGACY was created, PROMISES were activated, & the FUTURE for your family was written in stone and you will never go back to the place of limitation and dysfunction you once lived in.


Then I saw a vision of these pioneers in a “crossing the red sea” season with their families and they looked tired. It’s been a season of crossing over and leading the way into new territory and this journey between the wilderness and the promise has been long.

“Will we be nomads forever?” Many have been asking because the migratory season has not been as simple or clear as it seemed it would be. “Will we move from place to place forever?”

There are steps and jumps that don’t make sense, cities, locations, and seasons of saying yes that seem to have been in vain. “What did we do that for Lord?” Many have said. “It doesn’t make sense!”

Then I heard the Lord say “Do not say you are nomads because I planned your steps and knew exactly where you needed to be for the time I called you there. Each season was a purpose you still do not see yet but soon you will see how the seasons and scenes connect.”

“I sent you there to break new ground and prepare the land for what I was about to do there. You didn’t miss it or fail that assignment but you did exactly what I needed you to.”

“But don’t think I did this without your family in mind, but I have been leading you to the place where you will soon put down roots and finally be established. Your pioneering days are not over but soon you will build something that will last generations.”

“Your children are going to walk in the fruit of your obedience and then pioneer and build upon what you have created in these years of blind faith.”


Then I saw specifically a 3 year season of cntractions and pushing that ended in nothing and these pioneers were exhausted and wanting to stop pressing in for the promise.

I saw the books and manuscripts and songs that had been blocked and held back, the creative solutions that were NEEDED for the season we have been in but they came under fire and were never birthed

But then I heard it again in my spirit “Soon the waters are going to break! The waters are about to break!”

There has been a global demonic assignment of delay sent to stop the move of God in the earth and the movements that pioneers have been carrying from coming into fruition, but right now the waters are breaking!

Yes, this is the right time, the right moment of history, and the right environment to birth movements. Don’t buy into what you see around you and the news headlines – what God gave you is FOR THIS HOUR!

What you are about to birth and build next is what the enemy is afraid of. He is afraid because it’s been like the collecting of waters, the building of pressure through years of warfare that has brought you to a moment where what you have been carrying has only increased in its potency and is going to do some serious damage to the plans of darkness!

All the attack that hascome against you, the words, the assassination, and the lies that told you that you were barren are going to be shown up as God reveals what has been incubating in secret, increasing through your worship. The delay has only increased the size of the harvest.

Where it has looked like a fruitless three years of pressing forward without seeing any progress you will soon see what you have been pioneering in the dark!

Get ready to feel a surge of fresh creativity where it has been blocked and a fresh anointing to build and create, write, plant, and pioneer the new and unseen blueprints from the Lod’s heart.


So many pioneers are right now facing disappointments, red tape, roadblocks, and bad reports on every side. “Which way do we go? We have run out of options?” They have said.

Then the Lord spoke to me “Do they think the bad reports are a match for my goodness? Do they think that the red tape of man’s kingdoms overrides mine?”

I then heard Him speak Psalms 33:10-11; “With his breath, he scatters the schemes of nations who oppose him; they will never succeed. His destiny-plan for the earth stands sure. His forever-plan remains in place and will never fail.”

“For I have seen the wrong reports they have opened and many have accepted as final, but it is NOT final! I will tear down the schemes and plans of the enemy and break through even the most impossible doors for them to walk through!”

“Watch as I now fight for my faithful ones, my brave pioneers who have given everything to follow me. Watch now as I break open the way where the way has seemed shut. Watch as I overturn the bad reports and breathe my justice and favor into trials against them. Watch as I settle the score and open up what looks locked.”

“Even now many have begun to back peddle on their call and reduce their vision because the gates to nations look shut but I haven’t called my pioneers to operate under the constraints of the natural but to the realm of the impossible. So believe me again!”

“I have marked you as my agents of change and breakers for the church, and I have anointed you as diplomats that will have NO STOPS to go where I send you!”

“Expect to see good news once again. It has been a long time of only hearing the thumping feet of giants in the land but now I will remind you who carries the keys of victory!”

“So It’s time to get your vision back. But you have said, “How can I get vision in an unknown season?” By getting your eyes off the problem and back onto the horizon. It’s time to dream with me and let go of the worries you have been carrying.”

“This is a time where you will have to fix your eyes on me and nothing else. This is where you have to look out across the seas and attach your faith to that cloud the size of a man’s hand.”

“This is a time where you will have to prophesy rain when aren’t seeing even a drop. This is a time where you will have to roar into the vacuum until it shifts.”

“Pioneers this is when you need to DRINK the most. This is a moment when choosing to lay down in my presence is going to be more fruitful than swinging your sword and receiving my fire over the temptation to put out fires around you.”

“Come to the oasis. The depth of revelation you will receive will be proportionate to how much you have filled up with me.”

“This is where my voice needs to be the loudest thing you hear and the rhythm of my heart the only thing that gives you purpose every day.”

“Now pioneers watch me clear the road for you, refresh you, steady your ground, and ready you for the wide-open spaces ahead!”

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