Episode 1: Watchmen on the Wall With Christina Nicole

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Sound the alarm! This message is about God Awakening and calling his children to return to the wall. The Lord is calling forth unusual people who will be used by God to perform unusual miracles. The Lord is also accelerating His power in this hour. Many of God’s people have been wounded on the battlefield and the Lord is restoring and healing deep soul inflicted wounds.

This is a time to shout out what you see and to be positioned in God’s perfect alignment. Watchmen prophets are being restored back to the body. You have purpose and through this message you will find missing pieces to your identity and calling.

Christina is a firm faithful lover of Jesus Christ. Her passion for the things of God, radiates through every person she encounters. She is gifted in many ways, but strong in the prophetic and deliverance.  Her wisdom from God goes beyond her years. Christina’s heart is to see all encounter the love of the father and to be transformed by the power of His Holy Spirit fulfilling their purpose in life. She is Married to a mighty man of God Juan Garcia with 4 beautiful children residing in Modesto, CA. Contact: christinanicolepdm@gmail.com

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