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PREPARE BY JUST RESTING – Shared by Yolanda Ballard


“I AM calling you to a deeper place in worship that you have never experienced before, a place where you can just bask in My presence like being by streams of living water continuously rushing from the throne room of God. Yes, I AM calling you closer than ever before to prepare you for what is ahead, for you need the refreshing that takes place only within the secret place of the Father’s heart.
Come apart from the cares of the world. Leave them all in your Father’s hands for He cares for you dearly, and He is more than able to take care of them all. Just rest in My presence, and concentrate only on those things that I have promised to you. Believe without doubt or wavering no matter what you see before you.
Believe only for the best, and see the good that can take place in every situation, for this is the time and the hour to choose who you will believe. Will it be the lying circumstances, because if they go contrary to My word and will for you, that is what they are…..lies. Or will you stand on My promises that will manifest in My perfect timing? Believe the good in every situation for truly all things work out for the good if you love Me and are called according to My purpose.
Now just rest in Me, and concentrate on My faithfulness. Be faithful and believing unto death, and I will give you a crown of life. Examine your heart if you are truly resting in Me. If not, then you need to realign your thoughts and actions according to My word. Cast down those vain imaginations of the worse that can possibly happen when going through the fire.
Remember My faithfulness of My deliverance and restoration to others, and all the times I have set you free before. I never waver from My promises. I AM always constant. You can count on Me to keep My word. Maybe not the way you expected, but believe that My ways are perfect. I know what it takes to transform you into My image. Don’t you know that I AM your Father, and I know what is best. Just trust Me always.
Yes, believe Me and stay faithful, and I will give you a crown of life. And there will come a time when you will bow before My throne and cast it before Me. I will always bring you health and good fortune if you trust in Me. Remember this is the day of salvation. This is the hour to choose whether you will rest in Me or just strive after the wind.
I love you and want to bring you into a deeper place in Me, but you must learn to be still and to take every opportunity to come before Me. Don’t let the cares of the world discourage you. Don’t worry about the timing of things whether you will meet that debt deadline. Didn’t I say that My people will never beg for bread? I will always fill your mouth with good things if your heart is stayed on Me.
For this is the time of the last trump, so be ready by resting in Me. As deep cries out to deep, every hindrance will dissipate as the rain upon the field. For the great catching away will come when many are caught unaware, but to those who are ready, they will know the time and the hour for they have made themselves ready in the secret place. They will know the tug in their spirit “come up higher,” and they have followed closely My call.
So when I call you to come apart from the cares of the day, follow Me, for I will surely lead you by those streams of living water, and I will prepare you by the refreshing of My Spirit. And My joy and My peace will be your strength, for this is the final hour for the catching away of My saints.”
Yolanda Ballard

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