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Prepare, Expect, and Accelerate – A Word by Ryan Johnson



In the fall of 2016, I released a word to Pastor Jason Tanksley (Impact Hub, Bristol, VA) and the next phase of how God was going to work within this ministry with A MANDATE OF ACCELERATION. When I released that word I was very confident in the reality of what God was going to be doing through this ministry and the leaders there. What I did not anticipate was God not being through with my understanding of that word. Walking away from the service that day I felt a weight lifted from me as I knew that I had been obedient, but a new burden would soon be replaced as the further we went into the ending of 2016 I began to hear more and more about Acceleration. The wild thing through all of this is that I just heard the LORD tell me to release this word, NOW. This has been stirring in my spirit for months and now we are only a few days away from entering 2017. The LORD says NOW…in the middle of a conversation I had with someone. They would say something that caused my response to be a statement that I have said many times before. At that moment, I heard the LORD say…”That’s it! That’s what I have been wanting you to see how this is going to unfold into Acceleration.”

In the 12th Chapter of Acts we discover that Peter has been arrested, imprisoned, and facing his soon death. This chapter also reveals that the Church had gathered together to pray for the release of Peter. The Angel of the Lord appears unto Peter, releases him from the chains, and walks him through the gates of the city. Eventually Peter arrives at the gate of the residence where the church had been praying for his release. As Peter knocks on the gate, a young girl named Rhoda discovers that it is Peter. When she tries to tell the Church that Peter is at the gate, they mock her and tell her that she is seeing a ghost. Granted they soon realize it is actually Peter. The moment that Peter had been arrested, the Church gathered together and began to pray for his release. But at the realization that Peter could be free, they rejected that reality simply because it couldn’t happen in a way they did not expect. Although they were preparing for his release, they rejected his actual presence because it came in a way that they did not expect.

For sometime now I have shared that we must get our preparation aligned with our expectation as we have a tendency to reject what God is releasing because it came in a manner that we weren’t prepared for, or expecting. The greatest tragedy found in Acts 12 is not that they weren’t prepared, or even that their expectations failed them. The greatest tragedy is that once they recognized the actual presence of Peter standing (knocking) at the gate, they never opened the gate…only to see Peter move on. When we fail to align our preparation with expectation, we will find ourselves rejecting Presence.

What does all of this have to do with Acceleration? The original word was connected with the supernatural abilities that came upon Elijah when he outran the chariots of Ahab found in 1 Kings 18. Elijah should have never been able to run faster than a chariot being lead by horses. And yet, he girded himself up and ran ahead of Ahab. In one moment, a natural circumstance was taken over by a supernatural anointing. From the moment I first heard the word Acceleration, it has continued to have measure in my spirit. I have heard over and over how acceleration was going to be supernaturally increased in ministries and individuals. But how? And why?

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That’s when the LORD said, “Those who will Prepare, those who will Expect, they will Accelerate. Not everyone will prepare as they will talk about dreams and visions, but few write them down in order to see the fulfillment of expectation in their lives. Many will ask in the middle of preparing, but more will refuse to receive as what they expected was not how they prepared. You must be willing to PREPARE and EXPECT before I can take you into an increase of ACCELERATION. Ryan, the next 12 months will be marked by those who hear the sound of keys unlocking gates. The next 12 months will be marked by those who are preparing for open gates because they expected them to be unlocked, never asking how, only expecting the turn of the key. Acceleration is coming to those who will align their visions and dreams with the decree of Heaven. You cannot prepare for the desires of Heaven if you continue to reject how Heaven is released. Over the next 12 months you will  witness  those who are advancing in ways that aren’t natural to the eyes of man, but supernatural through the Gates of Heaven. Prepare, Expect, and you will Accelerate.”

Prepare: to work out the details of, plan in advance

Expect: to look forward

Accelerate: to bring about at an earlier time

It’s important that you and I have a clear understanding to what the LORD is saying concerning the next 12 months. I kept asking over and over why I didn’t hear the next year or even in the year 2017. Why was the word concerning the next 12 months. How easy it would have been to simply have a word for the year 2017. But that’s not what I heard God say. We have to realize that the number 12 bears a very important significance. The number 12 means, a perfect number symbolizing God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation (Also: 12 disciples, 12 loaves of bread, 12 Tribes, 12 gates in New Jerusalem).

I understand the importance of the number 12, and because I love to study numbers I get that God is trying to say something here. I believe that God is going to release an anointing of increase (acceleration) into ministries and individuals that we have only dreamed about. I believe that if you (and I) will take our preparation seriously, and position ourselves to expect from a place of receiving, God is going to promote YOU…quickly! Many have been in a position of antcipiation, but haven’t felt like things are moving into motion. As a runner takes their mark at the starting line, waiting on the starting gun to sound, YOU too have been found waiting on the sound to GO. Remember what the LORD said, “…hear the sound of keys unlocking…” Over the next 12 months you will see an increase in dreams and visions as God is positioning you for acceleration.

Write everything down and prepare through prayer. Intercede over those dreams and vision as your preparation will allow your expectation to receive rather than to reject. If you will determine to be attentive to Heaven, you will be moved by keys unlocking gates, and not by the limitations of man. You will achieve greatness in the midst of unusual circumstances. You will do so to bring Glory and Honor to The Father, revealing the identity of Heaven in Earth.

In the next 12 months you will see the Favor of The LORD Accelerate through Apostolic Ministry as there is an alignment coming to governmental order. Prepare…Expect…Accelerate!

Ryan Johnson


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