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Prepare to Host His Presence – A Word by Sylvia Neusch


The Lord reminded me today of a significant dream I had a number of years
ago. Prior to the dream I had been wrestling with some things I felt He was
asking of me concerning increasing the level of prayer in our church body.
In the dream, my husband and I were seated at a humble dining table in our
home. Across from me sat a guest in our home, a prominent Christian speaker
that I deeply respected and admired because of His walk with the Lord. We
were serving him steak, but as he cut into the meat we served him, he
remarked to us that it was still frozen. I was mortified, and quickly
jumped up and said we could microwave it. I then noticed that the plate we
had given him was chipped, and the other plates and things on the table
were mismatched and carelessly laid. I served our guest the microwaved
steak, but his embarrassment in our lack of preparation was tangible.

I awoke from that dream very troubled and pretty sure that God was
speaking, but I did not have the immediate interpretation. About two weeks
later I was sitting in a service listening to a speaker who said the words,
“We must prepare to host His Presence” and God quickened my spirit to know
that this was the interpretation of the dream. The guest speaker in the
dream represented to me “God’s Presence” and we were not prepared to host
him well. Prayer would be the necessary preparation to hosting His Presence
at a greater level. I repented of my resistance to the things God was
asking of me and moved forward to obey His voice.

I feel God highlighted this dream to me again because we are in a key time
of greater preparation to host His Presence and the New Wine He is pouring
out. Prayer or seeking God is the key to preparing our hearts, churches,
and cities to receive Him in greater measure. Prayer “thaws things out” in
the Spirit realm where they have seemed “frozen”, lifeless, or undone.
Prayer raises the spiritual temperature and opens up the atmosphere for
movement and transactions to take place from Heaven to Earth.

Make Way for the King!

The Spirit of God is moving powerfully right now in hearts and lives to
cause us to have wineskins that are ready to hold the new wine. Recently
the Lord spoke this phrase to me from the familiar Christmas song, “Let
every heart prepare Him room”. It is a season right now of preparing Him

“Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the
King of glory may come in.” Psalm 24:7

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting with a group of intercessors and asked
the question, “How many of you are feeling an unusual urge to declutter
your homes and lives?” Almost every hand in the group shot up! God is
speaking loudly to many, “Make room, make room!” So, even in the natural we
may feel a strong urge to declutter our lives, and get organized so that
our lives are streamlined and able to accommodate and carry more. A similar
thing is happening in the Spirit realm as God is moving powerfully in
hearts right now to “declutter” and make room for the new thing He is
pouring out.

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Don’t Forget the Oil!

“At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their
lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and
five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil
with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their
lamps.” -Matt. 25:1-4

It is a time to buy oil and secure our lamps so that they will be lamps
that burn brightly with the oil of His Presence. God is giving us this
preparation time out of His mercy and goodness. We are not to be fearful or
striving in any way, but just simply stepping into the stream of grace from
Heaven that He is releasing this very moment. Prayer is key right now to
the new thing God is wanting to do. Even our thoughts and preconceived
ideas about “prayer” might need to change as we embrace the New Wine.
Prayer is our conversation and ongoing communication with God. Prayer is
the means we are given to touch Heaven. Prayer is how Heaven touches us.
Prayer releases the “oil” from Heaven that will keep our lamps burning

When you host an honored guest in your home you spend time getting
everything ready. You may do deep cleaning, and much preparation to make
sure every dish is cooked to perfection. You set your table putting out
your best dishes and all this is done out of love, honor, and respect for
the guest you are about to welcome. It is a time to declutter, make room,
and prepare our wineskins to host the New Wine of His Presence. Let every
heart prepare Him room!

Sylvia Neusch

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A Word by Dana Jarvis

The Lord has watched you sit before him and from the very depths of your soul, you cried out “Why?” Even in your most weakest, vulnerable moments you clung to him. He calls you faithful and brave! Your life has been poured out and the fragrance of your hearts cries have come before him.

In this season, He has seen the enemy pull out every weapon in his arsenal against you. The Father says, “Enough is enough!” Your cries have stirred his heart and your Redeemer is coming. Miracles are coming! Miracles of restoration, suddenlies, accelerated healing, and changes in your circumstances.

A new day is dawning! He is repairing the breach! He is mending the broken heart and releasing the captives. Testimony after testimony will come forth! The Lord your God shall part your Red Sea. For every loss, every heartbreak, everything the enemy has stolen shall be restored sevenfold. Your cry for justice, your cry for mercy and grace, your cry for miracles has reached the throne. So lift your eyes for what your Father is about to do. Miracles are coming! Step into your river of breakthrough right now. One step of obedience will begin to ripple these waters. Giving a love offering to Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground in which to sow. Release His hands into your finances. Give an offering in this moment of grace for breakthrough. Your offering of $100 or $20, or $50 helps Spirit Fuel reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team to keep Spirit Fuel up and running. I decree Double over you for every love offering given in Jesus mighty name.