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Prophesy To the Wind Specific Battle Plans – A Word by Dawn Hill

Several weeks ago during a corporate gathering, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the well known account in Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones. He drew my attention to the verse where the Lord gives Ezekiel specific instructions. He tells Ezekiel to prophesy; prophesy to the bones and prophesy to the breath/wind. As I thought about the command to prophesy, I realized a simple yet powerful revelation.

The command given by the Lord was never to talk about the bones or the wind, but this is the trap that many of us become ensnared. We choose the ease of talking about the bones and the wind, placing all of our focus on what holds no life. It is not to say that we deny the current state, but we are to prophesy to the bones and to the wind. To prophesy is simply to declare what will happen. Ezekiel was instructed by the Lord to prophesy, to declare what would happen. He was not instructed to talk about the dry bones and to talk about the wind. There is no power in merely talking about things. God calls us to action and to carry a responsibility in prophesying. What if Ezekiel had not obeyed the Lord? What if he had chosen to see as a man instead of speaking as a prophet, declaring the vision of God?

There is great power in prophesying unto the Lord, and there is also great responsibility. It is a great responsibility to not simply walk among the dead and dry, but to hear and obey the instruction of the Lord. I believe that God is calling the prophetic voices to prophesy to the wind and to call forth the breath to enter an exceedingly great army. Some of us have grown weary looking at the bones of the church when we are being beckoned to prophesy to the wind. We are not called to slay the slain, but to breathe upon the slain that they may live (Ezekiel 37:9).  Prophets, you are mandated to prophesy what the Lord says so that He may raise the spiritually dead from their graves so that they become a tabernacle for His Presence.

Specific battle plans

There is another vital aspect to all of this that I believe is coming ever so stronger on the wind and that is the call to prayer. I do not know if anyone else senses it, but there is an increasing urgency to pray specifically and strategically. When the command was given to prophesy to the wind, it was saturated with specificity. Ezekiel was told to speak to specific directions, and the wind was told its final destination, which was the earthen vessels in the valley. Just as prophetic utterances should be specific without a buckshot effect, or the intent to spray anything in the perimeter, prayer is meant to be strategic and specific.

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As I continued to meditate on what the Holy Spirit was saying about all of this, I heard the words, “specific battle plans” in my spirit. Church, we are being given specific battle plans in this hour, and they come in times of prayer and intercession. They come in times of the quiet and seeking His voice. Do you want to know what will change the course of sinking ships? It is prayer. Do you know what will alter the advancement of darkness upon the battlefield? It is the prayers of those who know their God. Prayer is an exploit as well. But we have made prayer a misnomer and an old maid. We have made prayer boring and unattractive because we know that prayer demands more from us. Can I tell you something? Prayer is not boring; we are.

Prayer is warfare. Prayer is taking the battle plans provided by our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ, and putting them into effect. I truly believe that these specific battle plans to be revealed entail knowing what the enemy plans to do before it even happens. What if the people of God decided to pray in such a way that they intercepted the plans of hell before they could even happen and believers really heard the voice of the Holy Spirit to thwart hell’s agenda to steal, kill and destroy?  Saints, you are not simply called to pray, but you and I are called to pray with specific battle plans in mind.  We need to move past the basics of general prayers and generic prophetic and get specific. The enemy comes to hit targets dead on. How much more should prayer and prophesying be ever greatly damaging to satan’s advancement.

There are some ministers reading this that have been told by the Holy Spirit to get specific battle plans over your region, and you are waiting for others to do it, but God has mandated you for this assignment. You have even received some of these strategies, but you are second guessing yourself and what you see all around you. These plans unnerve you because of their specificity and their proportions, but you need not fear when God is leading you. I even hear the Lord saying that many are men who have stepped aside and felt inferior in power to pray, but God is calling you men to pray with fervency and passion. Prophesy and pray, and resist the lie that women are more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

I urge you to prophesy to the wind and not merely talk about it. Anyone can talk about the wind, but the power lies in opening your mouth and releasing the word of the Lord upon the breath of God within you so as to beckon the wind to come to those around you who are dry and dead. Saints, you and I have an amazing privilege to pray and to intercede, calling forth specific battle plans to be dispatched in those private moments with the Lord. What if you went into prayer expecting God to lay a burden upon you that had yet to be revealed to you or made public, and it devastated hell’s agenda? It is time to get specific, go to war and prophesy to the wind!

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