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Prophetic Dream: Follow His Voice – A Word by Jamila Jordan Moody


On September 23rd, I received the final 2 segments of a 3-part prophetic dream sequence I received about one month earlier. The following word of encouragement comes from dream sequence two:

Follow His Voice, It’s Tactical

This dream opened with black and white silent still sequences from the previous dream I had August 28, 2017. I remember being flown at a rapid rate over a cluster of islands and then I was suddenly dropped off at this beautiful green island. It was lush not very large in size among the cluster of islands. It was quite tiny and it looked to be crescent shaped with couches on it.

I remember as I landed on the island, I was exhausted so I laid down to rest on one of the couches then suddenly as I was resting I was submerged into deep water. The island went under and I remember the dream shifted back to the inlet of water I was in from my previous dream and this time I was swimming hard trying to get away from one particular shark from my previous dream.

I remember as I was swimming my mother was speaking into my ear giving me tactical swimming instruction but it seems I only kept swimming harder, longer and it seemed as if they were leading me deeper into the waters. I remember at one-point swimming through obstacles the shark couldn’t fit and then it became dark at one point in the water. The shark was still pursuing me but could not find me. I remember in my dream feeling this pressure upon my body – it was so dark. All I had was the voice of my mom to guide me through. And then suddenly, I came upon a shallow point, I was beneath a platform. It was a boardwalk shopping mall of some sort on the water (seemed so odd to me). I remember flipping myself up onto the platform, I was extremely exhausted as I looked up to a bunch of people surrounding me and attending to me. And as I woke up, I remember my heart pounding and I was physically exhausted in my body as if I’d been swimming for real.

What Is The Lord Saying?

As with the other segment I shared in Dive Deeper, You’re Equipped For This, I believe there are multiple things to be gleaned prophetically from this dream, however I believe the following is what the FATHER saying especially to HIS servants the prophets – Follow My Voice.

Psalm 29:3-9 says this about the voice of the LORD The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders; the Lord is upon many (great) waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; yes, the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon. He makes them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion (Mount Hermon) like a young, wild ox. The voice of the Lord splits and flashes forth forked lightning. The voice of the Lord makes the wilderness tremble; the Lord shakes the Wilderness of Kadesh. The voice of the Lord makes the hinds bring forth their young, and His voice strips bare the forests, while in His temple everyone is saying, Glory!

In this season, as the FATHER is calling HIS prophets and his intercessors into deeper realms of intimacy, worship, prayer and fasting – HE is also calling them into deeper levels of training and preparation so that they might be equipped to walk in deeper realms of GLORY, revelation, understanding, wisdom, power and love for the healing and deliverance of HIS people.

As I was air dropped to this island, I was exhausted and trying to rest but I was immediately submerged into a tactical training event turned a real mission of survival and all I had was the voice of my mother which is a representation of the Holy Spirit and the Voice of GOD as I learned from Apostle Jennifer LeClaire at the F.O.G. 2K17 Conference held this final weekend of September in Bristol VA.


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And I believe GOD is saying this to HIS servants – especially HIS prophets in this hour, “I know you are tired, but my presence is here to provide you rest. I however have need of you. For what is ahead, I need you to be ready, equipped and prepared. For the assignment, I have upon your life – there is a new level of training I am calling you that will challenge your faith – for in this season – I am leading you into a place of blindness because I need you to follow my voice. Follow my voice when you can see nothing, follow my voice when all is uncertain, follow my voice and I will lead you to your place of rest and restoration but I have need of you trust me as I take you deeper, trust me as I lead you into places that are filled with gross darkness, trust me for even though it seems you will be consumed there – you shall be hidden from your enemies. The deeper you go – the more you will have to lean on my voice. Follow my voice.”

In this dream, I remember being confused about why my mother seemed to be leading me deeper and deeper into these dark waters – especially with the shark on my trail, but the FATHER revealed this, “there are places I’m leading you into that seem dark and dangerous and the deeper you go it seems the pressure upon you is increasing but understand this – my VOICE is here to guide you. I know the enemy is following hard on your trail but if you follow my voice – if you surrender to going deeper there will be a point in the depths where he cannot locate you for you shall be hidden in my presence – Psalm 91. And though you may be feeling the pressure of diving so deep, I have you covered and protected – the depths however will crush your enemy. Glory to GOD!

Prophetic Encouragement

Beloved of GOD, as you dive deeper – as you are submerged into this place of training and equipping trust the voice of the LORD because it is powerful. The voice of the LORD is full of strength for us. The voice of the LORD is everything – especially our beacon of light in dark places. The Bible admonishes us to walk by faith and not by sight in II Corinthians 5:7 and walking by faith means we follow HIS voice.

In reflecting upon the darkness of the depths in my dream and the FATHER admonishment to follow HIS voice, I am reminded of this term – echolocation. Echolocation according to Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary is a physiological process for locating distant or invisible objects (such as prey) by sound waves reflected back to the emitter (such as a bat) from the objects.

In this season, servant of GOD you are going to have to locate GOD by HIS voice and not by what you see, sense or even feel around you. This season is requiring more of you because the FAHER is revealing more and pouring out more so that you can be properly equipped to serve HIS people. It’s time to fine tune your ear to HIS voice in a new way because it will be your guide. And though at times it seems the voice of the LORD is leading you into dark places – you’ve got to trust HIS voice and follow HIM. I encourage you to prepare yourself for this next level of training you’re about to enter into and follow HIS voice.


Father I come to you in the mighty name of YESHUA HAMASHIACH (JESUS) our LORD and MESSIAH asking that you help us in this season of diving deeper and following your voice into unchartered territory. I pray LORD our faith level is increased and I pray LORD our hearing is taken to another level for your GLORY and the healing of your people. FATHER we surrender to the process and we know oh LORD you shall be our rest in our moments of exhaustion. FATHER I bless you and I worship you oh KING for what you are doing even now. I choose to follow you voice and I pray each person listening will take the plunge and trust the leading of your voice. Amen.

Jamila Jordan Moody


“I Will Rebuke the Devourer!”

A Word by Angie Stolba

"I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of your soil, and your vine in the field shall not fail to bear, says the LORD of hosts." | Malachi 3:11

I sense that the Lord is saying today, “The enemy has overplayed his hand against My people, and now I will rebuke the devourer for them! To My faithful ones who have continued to trust Me and have remained steadfast in their giving: watch, as I turn things around for you. You will have double for your trouble. I am honoring your giving and your obedience in this season!

“Prepare for the rain, because the increase in at hand. What I am about to do for you will be bigger and greater than all that you could ask, think, or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). For surely you are like a tree planted by the water, whose roots go down deep. You will have no fear, for even in seasons of drought, your leaves are always green and you never cease to bear fruit.

“Rejoice and praise Me, for the devourer is rebuked! I am restoring double unto you,” declares the Lord!

I encourage you to step out in faith and give an offering today. I am declaring double over you, as I believe that the Lord is rebuking the devourer even now!

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