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Prophetic Dream: The Whistle Blowers – A word by Roma Waterman

Roma Waterman is a prophetic voice from Melbourne, Australia. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker and author. As the founder of HeartSong Prophetic Alliance and HeartSong Prophetic Academy, she teaches thousands of students all over the world in all things prophetic, creative and worship. She seeks to empower people to release authentic expressions of the prophetic and creativity that transforms nations. She is married with 2 children. Website:

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Prophetic Dream: The Whistle Blowers – A word by Roma Waterman

Roma Waterman

Email: [email protected]
I am writing to remind you to not lose heart!
A few nights ago I had a dream. In the dream were other prophets and they were really discouraged by what was happening in the world right now. They were weary. I kept hearing the phrase: “You are the whistle blowers”. Some of these prophets were laying down in the dark because they had had enough. They hadn’t given up but they were catching their breath.
The feeling when I woke lingered with me. It was a feeling of we can’t give up!

I want to encourage you today that God always has a plan. He is not in despair. So we should not be either.
I am not trying to be flippant in any way – the battle all over the earth is very real.
What I am trying to say is I am calling you to rise up, stay strong, keep being the whistle blower- keep being gate keepers, keep being worship warriors!
We can do this by staying connected to the Father in prayer.
Friends we must be a praying people! When you don’t know what to do – PRAY.

James 3:17 “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”. (NIV)

We can have opinions about things, but they are just opinions – even if they are good and right!

We can carry burdens in our heart – but right now we need the counsel of the Lord, we need His presence to keep us in peace.

Take it to the Lord and pray – and He will reveal strategies to you and where you need to take action.

These words below are what I wrote as I pondered the feelings in my dream.

We are the gatekeepers

We are the whistle blowers

We are worship warriors in an unseen war

We are brokers of hope

Estate agents of courage

We are golden keys that open heavy doors

We are the fire Guardians

We are an army in revival

We are not afraid to clash our well-worn swords

The days have prepared us

For the age of awakening

And so we tear down demon-made apocalyptic walls

We are not deceived by the weariness

We are not confused by the chatter

We will not be weighed down by the noise

There is a supernatural sound in the air

That disrupts the atmosphere:

It’s the sound of the Father’s voice

I can see His face

I can hear His words

He’s calling His people to rise

The news is momentous-

It might catch our breath

But there is no despair in his eyes

For it is not by our strength

It is not by our power

As the giant of fear tumbles down

It is by His spirit

That we overcome

By His side is where victory is found.
Wherever you are in the world, I am praying for you today – keep hope burning in your heart – because we serve the one who overcomes,

Roma Waterman

HeartSong Creative Academy

HeartSong Prophetic Alliance

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