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Prophetic Dream: Three Critters & The Coming Insect

I had an intriguing dream in the early hours of April 11, 2014. It has been a primary thing I have kept before the LORD for the past month – praying, fasting, and seeking meaning and implications. He unfolded insights bit-by-bit, and insured I did not miss its relevance as it pertains to me. And now He has illumined its broader applicability.

The 2-Scene Dream

Scene 1 – I am in a house. There with me is a gentleman who remains to my left and always only in my peripheral vision. I never see his face directly. To my right, is a large opening into a living space. Mid-floor in that room is a huge, coffee table sized, coiled up snake. This snake has a head on both ends, and is segmented into three parts by different colors. One head and 1/3 of the body is red; the other head and 1/3 of the body is blue; the center 1/3 of the body is white.

Startled, I ask the man if it is poisonous. I have never seen a snake that looks like this. As I ask the question to which he provides no answer, the snake darts off past me with lightning speed and goes behind a dresser in another room. I try to catch it with a net, but it is too fast and goes under a bed. I have never seen a snake move this quickly, and I ask the man if it can be caught because it is so fast. The question again remains unanswered as the scene shifts.

Scene 2 – I am now in the passenger seat of a car. The same gentleman is again to my left, driving the car. He remains only in my peripheral vision. My window is rolled down and the man pulls into the far right parking space in front of a gas station convenience store. Right next to my car door is a concrete retaining wall that is the same height as the bottom of my window. The retaining wall is topped by a chain-link fence. The ground is at eye-level from my vantage point in the car.

I look through the fence and see a very large mole standing on its hind legs beside the hole out of which it came. I comment to the man on the size of this critter, because it is at least three times the normal size of a mole.

As I am commenting on the mole, an enormous beetle lands on the fence, with its underbelly completely visible. Again, the size is extremely exaggerated. This beetle is so large that it completely obstructs the view of everything behind it, including the mole. It is easily ten times larger than the mole; clearly disproportionate. It begins chewing on the fence, and I’m suddenly aware that it is attempting to eat its way through the fence and with minimal effort could destroy us. I quickly roll up my window.

Question Mark

I have an acute awareness that there is another insect coming behind this beetle, but I do not know what it is. My view is completely obstructed by the underbelly of the beetle.




Each of the three creeping critters represents preservation mechanisms for human nature, especially in terms of relational or social systems and structures. This includes both our vertical relationship with the LORD, and horizontal relationships within and without the Body.

These same strategies have been, and continue to be, employed for societal survival as well. Of course, reason projects that the same mechanisms utilized for individual self-preservation would be used on a grander scale by the self-preserving individuals constructing their societies – from as small as the family unit to as large as a nation.

The Two-Headed Snake

2-headed Snake

The double-headed snake represents the conflict created when anything in the Kingdom of God is measured by monetary value. Human nature desires to measure itself in order to preserve its value. This ideology says money (or perceived monetary value) = freedom, individual value, evidence of God’s favor or pleasure, evidence of being in God’s will, or any other measure of Kingdom success. If that equation is programmed as part of our operating system, then how will our relationships be agenda-free? What is the limit of wealth accumulation for us to be free, to value others or ourselves, or to know God is pleased with us?

If this worldly measure becomes the blueprint by which we construct our mental container for Kingdom living, then the wealthiest is the most highly favored, and our efforts to prove ourselves worthy conform to those methods of acquiring evidence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with money or wealth-accumulation. In reality, we could use any measure – suffering, poverty, selflessness, sacrifice, spiritual gifts, niceness, forms of worship – the list is endless. We can, and do, turn anything into a measure to validate ourselves. What we believe defines our Kingdom value will be the place we stand and compare ourselves to others.

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There must be a severing of the two heads; a new formula must be written into our processor that disconnects our chosen means of measurement from our ability to be free, from the value we place on others or ourselves, and from measuring God’s pleasure with us. Intrinsic realities cannot be measured by external sources.

The Subterranean Mole


The mole represents the underground, soulish maneuvering and hidden agendas we employ to feel safe. We conceal: ourselves, our shame, our fears, our desires, our neediness, our emotions, and our true motivations. We hide not just from others, but from God and most especially from ourselves. Vulnerability and honesty terrify us, so we internally scheme, plot, and devise strategies to insure our needs get met with minimal risk to ourselves.

The Biting Beetle

Dung Beetle 2

This critter is the most intriguing to me and holds the deepest insights. During prayer, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to look up images of beetles, of which there is a wide variety. I saw a picture of the one that was in my dream, a scarab or dung beetle. That drew me into a study chock-full of illumination. I encourage further investigation on your part to unlock all the treasures the LORD may have for you.

The scarab or dung beetle is an important religious symbol of ancient Egypt. This beetle rolls balls of dung along the ground, deposits them in their burrows as the receptacle and subsequent food source for the females’ eggs-turned-larvae. When the dung is fully consumed, the baby beetles would emerge from the hole.

The ancient Egyptians were rooted in and perpetuators of power and social distinctions based on secrets and mystery. This critter in the dream represents the secrecy and mystery we employ to maintain control and feel powerful. Human nature is drawn to secrecy; there is an inherent sense of belonging to something unique and special when there is an element of mystery. However, the world uses this mechanism to counterfeit the mysteries of God. Every secret society or man-made employment of mystery captures individuals based on a human need, and uses that need to create increasing levels of bondage by becoming the source that meets that need. When maximized to the fullest extent, its prey is drawn into fear-driven, mind control. The mysteries of God bring freedom.

The Insect Unveiled

On the morning of May 2nd, my prayerful seeking and study brought forth the unveiling of the coming insect; the bee. I want you stop reading for a moment and ask the LORD to show you the size of this bee. How proportionate is it to reality? This is intentional. The Holy Spirit wants you to see for yourself the size of this bee. Ask for the illumination and wait to proceed until it is revealed to you.


Interestingly, swarming bees is an analogy in Scripture for nations who surrounded or came against Israel (Deut 1:44, Ps 118:8-14, Is 7:18). When the LORD showed me the bee, He said, “You’re going to feel a sting.” The reason the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you the size of the bee is because He wants to individuate my dream for each of you separately. The intensity of the sting each of us feels in relationships, including the size of the swarm, is directly related to the levels we employ the above mechanisms in our interactions with others.

It is important to remember that these critter mindsets or ideologies may operate at subconscious or even unconscious levels, as mental programming begins in utero and accumulates throughout our lives. Our baseline operating systems are defined by approximately age 25, and contain all manner of double-minded, value-conflicting gobbledygook. There is a civil war between kingdoms that rages within the born-again believer’s soul, and it gets played out on a broader stage. Until the operating system of self and world is hacked, debugged, and reprogrammed with the ways of the Kingdom of God, we remain internally and therefore externally, conflicted. We need healing at depths we don’t even understand. Pray with me.

Holy Father, we come to declare that You are good. We marvel at Your design, Your revealed mystery in Christ Jesus, the extent of our need. We offer thanks for insights, and cry out for Your healing and re-programming power. Illumine to each of us the areas in our lives that cause us to continue to feel relational stings; that prevent Kingdom fellowship and communion. Unveil our internal value systems that are out of alignment with Kingdom principles and values. Help our feeble minds to grasp Your high thoughts and ways. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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Tricia Kaye Exman is a transmutation coach, leadership developer, author, and speaker. A graduate from the University of Alabama, her credentials include Professional Path Certified Coach, accreditation in Emotional Intelligence, and introductory level training in Right Brain Therapy. She also holds certifications in numerous personality profiling tools and facilitation skills for leadership training. An Organization and Leadership Consultant, Tricia has over twenty years of experience in corporate roles that include Account Manager, Operations Director, and Vice President of Project Management. Tricia is the President and Founder of Presence Coaching and Tricia Exman Ministries.