Diane Anil is the founder of the global ministry Take Courage, where she primarily serves her community through a thriving online platform. Diane is also the founder of Take Courage Consulting and Coaching, where she serves her clients as a prophetic coach for their business, personal and spiritual needs. She is an ordained minister, holds certificate completion within two ministry schools, obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Human Resource Development from Oakland University, along with a certification in Counseling through Concordia University. Diane is the host of “An Invitation into The Father’s Heart,” a prophetic YouTube Channel where she invites others to experience a deeper connection with God. Diane is a pioneer, modern day prophet, teacher and writer. She has a passion for global missions, a heart for the nations and has ministered in various capacities throughout Africa and India over the years. Her heart is to encourage the body of Christ to dive into greater intimacy with God by prophetically sharing the heart of God and the revelation she receives. Diane currently resides in Michigan with her husband, son, daughter, and baby on the way! Website: takecourageministries.com

Prophetic Word: A Week Of ‘Caliberating’ – A Word by Diane Anil

Diane Anil

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I heard the Father say, “This is a week of CALIBRATING.” To Calibrate, means “To determine, rectify, or mark the graduations of something.” (Merriam-webster) It also means, “To measure precisely or to adjust precisely for a particular function.” (Merriam-webster)

There is a weightiness this week to take the time in the secret place for a process of calibrating in your life. The father showed me 3 aspects of the calibration process.

Definition/Determination/Clarity – There will be definition, determination, clarity, and blueprints being established on Earth as it is in Heaven. I see the fog being lifted and precise direction and wisdom being released. I see people receiving supernatural strategy, acceleration, and multiplication. It is a hand to the plow and a pen to the paper moment. It is a time to see dreams manifest into reality through partnership and obedience. I see the river of revelation being released and ear being tuned to the sound of Heaven, and the voice of the Father.

Measuring/Adjusting/Rectifying – As you take time in the secret place and come in with humility and an openness to receive a search warrant of your heart and life, I see truth being exposed, adjustments being made, and things being put in right order. It is a pause, reflect, and shifting moment for many. I heard some people say “Ouch,” yet smile at the same time, which symbolized the loving correction and adjustments from the Father to set you up for an upgrade. It is not a space of shame or blame, it is a time of humility, repentance, and re-ordering. I also saw the Father rectifying situations in people’s lives that were unjust, and I saw Him coming in as your vindicator. Where word curses, false accusations, gossip/slander, and manipulation were at work, the Father is reversing the curse, and making things right! I saw badges of honor being given to those who have navigated in purity and humility.

Graduation Day – For some, you are GRADUATING! Out of the dust and despair, into clarity and hope! Out of depression, doubt, disappointment, and discouragement, into “A NEW DAY, A NEW WAY”! Out of holding and waiting, into running, sailing, and soaring in HIM! Out of torment into peace. Out of exhaustion, into the refreshing and renewing waters of His love! Some of you are being promoted and I see an expansion on your voices and territory! The attacks, stuck in the mud, and drought-filled days, are being rekindled with a baptism of His fire and love in your lives. Run to him and with Him! Get ready!

Take time to get still and ask the Father about this moment of CALIBRATING! He wants to show you, adjust you, and graduate you!

Take Courage!

Diane Anil

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