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Prophetic Word – Are you harvest ready? – A Word by Charissa Steffens

Charissa Steffens is a writer, teacher, and former editor-in-chief of Indulge Magazine. To contact Charissa or learn more visit her website Abiding Matters or follow Abiding Matters on Facebook or Instagram. Charissa hosts the podcast Abiding Matter with Charissa Steffens on Charisma Podcast Network and writes for various online Christian publications. She holds a Bachelor of Business, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Masters of Art (Biblical Studies). She has a heart to see people living in a strong and abiding relationship with God.

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Prophetic Word – Are you harvest ready? – A Word by Charissa Steffens

Charissa Steffens
Email: [email protected]

As I was praying recently, I saw a picture of Father God standing in a wheat field. The wheat was tall and golden, stretching as far as my eyes could see. Directly in front of Him was a clearing. I stood facing Him and I noticed His hand held a staff. As I looked up, His eyes lifted to mine, I was overwhelmed with a sense of reverence and awe. Holding my gaze, He lifted the staff and struck the ground powerfully three times. As it hit the ground, it shook and He declared “It’s harvest time”, “It’s harvest time”, “It’s harvest time”. He then looked at me and said in a majestic voice “Are you harvest ready?”

As I prayed over this I heard the Spirit say “the ears of the wheat are ready, are you ready?” The expression ‘ears of the wheat’ struck me. As I researched this I discovered that the top of a ripe wheat stalk is known as ‘an ear’, this is the grain-bearing part of the stalk.

It is harvest season

God is opening the ears of many to receive the voice of God right now, the Spirit is moving on people’s hearts. The Spirit went on to say that we should not be surprised by those that will turn to Him in this season. We are not to discount people, believing that they will not come to Jesus. No one knows what the Holy Spirit is doing in someone’s heart and mind. Rather be harvest ready! Be ready to receive what God has been preparing.

Many have turned from God, those that have been disillusioned with the church or their faith. Many prodigals have chosen a different path, trusting in their wisdom over God’s. Many have never known the love of Jesus as He wants them to know Him in this new era.

Mark 4:29 (NLT) rings out across this season, “And as soon as the grain is ready, the farmer comes and harvests it with a sickle, for the harvest time has come.”

The Father is declaring that the grain is ready… harvest time has come and the ears of the harvest are ready for the gathering.

So how do we get harvest ready?

The Bible uses three physical harvest illustrations that we can apply in this season

  1. Ready to do whatever He says 

As Jesus was at a wedding in Cana, the wine ran out. His mother gathered the servants together and said to them “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5 NIV)

To be harvest ready we must follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and be obedient in whatever He says. As the servants filled the jars with water, Jesus then performed the miracle. Likewise, as we are obedient to the Spirit’s direction in this season, we will see miracles take place that will transform lives.

  1. Ready to cast out your nets one more time

As I was praying recently, the Spirit said to me, “cast out the net one more time”. The image of the disciples in John 21:1-6 came to me. As I prayed into this I had a sense that the Spirit is calling out to many to cast their net out once more, don’t give up! Ask Him for the new instruction with what you have been long laboring over. When Jesus called out to the disciples, He told them which side to cast the net on. Likewise, the Spirit is saying bring it to me one more time and I will give you the strategy to cast your net and you will see a mighty gathering.

  1. Ready to go off the normal track

Jesus went off the normal track when He met the woman at the well in John 4. This unusual encounter broke several cultural customs of the time. Yet, it was the key to revival in the town of Sychar (John 4:39). As the disciples returned, Jesus spoke to them of the harvest that was ready to unfold. He declared that the harvest was ripe, but it was a field that they did not sow, others had labored over it instead.

The Spirit will lead some harvesters off their normal track into unexpected areas in this season. They will harvest fields they did not prepare; they will be the ones to bring in the hard work of those that have gone before them. Those willing to be missional and forsake their comfortable fields for the out-of-the-way-ones will reap the unexpected benefits of a plentiful harvest.

Father God is declaring its harvest time, are you harvest ready?

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