Prophetic Word: Are You Lost In The Swirl? Ascend The Hill And Get Fresh Oil! – A word by Nate Johnston

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Prophetic Word: Are You Lost In The Swirl? Ascend The Hill And Get Fresh Oil!

A word by Nate Johnston

This is a word for those who have been feeling bewildered, exhausted, and lost in the swirl going on around them in the world or circumstances happening to them. I believe over the next few days God is going to refuel you and refill you as you beak away from the noise and sit with him. There are those who have bene feeling so bombarded by chatter it almost feels like torment against your mind. This is where the enemy wants you to stay but watch as EVERYTHING the enemy has tried to shipwreck you with only becomes a weapon in your hands. 

A few nights ago I was in worship when the Lord took me into a vision of an army of people engaging in a bloody battle they were losing quickly. What I noticed was that they were using the same weapons and armor as their opponents and it seemed as though they were not equipped for the fight. Then I heard the Lord say “Don’t get distracted by the ground warfare!” This was the body of Christ trying to fight in battles God never told them to. I couldn’t get away from the fact they were using the same weapons that the enemy was using.


Have we subtly started fighting fire with fire? This happens when we are REACTING to attack like we have something to prove or are afraid of losing ground. One example of this is how the political and religious spirits try to recruit Christians to engage in opinion battles and debates that only adds to the fires of confusion.

There will always be opportunity to be distracted by the chatter and clanger of diversions. When we ENGAGE with these diversions of fear, worry, gossip, offence, and hurts, we begin fighting a fight we aren’t designed for. Many have been feeling tired and overwhelmed simply by engaging in battles they never had grace for. DISENGAGE! DETACH! DROP IT!

So the battle I was seeing was warfare that was a diversion to get their eyes off the real battle they were actually anointed and equipped for. “So what’s the real battle?” I asked the Lord to which I heard “The mountain is calling!”


The Lord then takes me on top of a mountain looking down over the earth and I’m declaring, praying, and deep in intercession and I can sense that I’m witnessing the right battle. In Psalms 24 it speaks of warfare that is waged by ascending the holy hill. It is a vantage point that unleashes the King of Glory into the earth that ground warfare simply will not accomplish. So many have been caught up in that ground warfare but God is saying that if you want to OVERCOME you will need to ascend! Jesus often went up the mountain to pray and not only did he hear instruction from the Father but it refreshed Him.

“After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone” Matthew 14:23

We can’t fight how we did in the past season, running ourselves into the ground all in the name of kingdom occupation when we were called to scale the heights where we can SEE the right perspective of what lay before us. We can’t keep being so focussed on the fight that we lose sight of the horizon, the rich and glorious destiny we are pressing on towards!


The Lord then said to me ”Many are running out of their oil and burning out, so i am calling them up here!” When he said this it reminded me of the virgins who were ready for the bridegroom and kept their lamps full, and right now we need to make sure we are doing that above ALL ELSE. It can be dangerous when we run out of oil and these are some of the effects of running out or coming dangerously empty:


  • We begin to operate out of the flesh
  • We speak and prophesy through the soulish realm
  • We fight with our emotions and own strength/fight fire with fire
  • Our revelation gate is muddied and we don’t see clearly
  • We make impulsive decisions not guided by God’s wisdom
  • We get soul-sick and bitter
  • We move in opposition to the spirit of God
  • We trade justice for revenge, and mercy for self-made vindication
  • We invite unnecessary warfare into our lives



So as I continued to pray and intercede from this mountain suddenly I heard loud thunder that was cracking and releasing such a sound that it felt like they were clearing the atmosphere and bringing the earth into divine order.

“So it came about on the third day, when it was morning, that there were thunder and lightning flashes and a thick cloud upon the mountain and a very loud trumpet sound, so that all the people who were in the camp trembled” Exodus 19:16

“After it, a voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, And He does not restrain the lightnings when His voice is heard. “God thunders with His voice wondrously, Doing great things which we cannot comprehend” Job 37:4-5

The thunder in this context represents the authority and power of God that causes the earth to shake and the enemies camp to tremble which is exactly what happens when we as His body rise up and pray from our given authority. The enemies camp trembles because they know are not going to wear ourselves down by engaging in the fight in the trenches anymore. When we ascend we are hidden in him and that’s when the battle truely belongs to the Lord.

I believe we are going to see swift justice and breakthrough in this season simply by ascending the hill and partnering with heaven to see everything that has been out of order and in chaos suddenly come into order. So many homes, churches, and ministries have been facing chaos because we keep forgetting that we have to take HIGHER GROUND and that’s when the thunder of God is unleashed!

I see the thunder of God being released in this season from those who dare to use their voices to partner with God to see cities and regions restored. Injustices that have tarried for many decades will be SUDDENLY broken in Jesus name as the thunders of God clear the air, dethrones principalities, and restores justice.


The last part of the vision is so key for the season we are in. As I stood up on the high place of that mountain and praying over the earth I saw the sun move in reverse until it disappeared for a moment then a sunrise began again. This spoke to me of a few things. Firstly the NEW DAY we are in where God is making a clear distinction that we have crossed over out of the midnight season of weary warfare and into a higher way of kingdom living. Secondly we are in a season of the TURNING BACK OF TIME where we will see restoration of time where time was lost and this will be a time where those have felt stunted, stuck, and delayed will suddenly be propelled and make up for lost time. This is not just a turning back of time but a turning of the tide.

Where we have faced constant pressure and resistance, we as the people of God are arising with the mighty wave of Gods Spirit flooding the earth!


Thirdly I felt it was a sign of victory. In Joshua 10 Joshua commanded the sun to sun stand still and it did which allowed the Israelites defeat every one of their enemies that had in their way. Right now every enemy and opposition that has been blocking your path is being removed. God is causing the sun to stand still on your behalf where you have felt tired from living in your own strength for so long. Maybe you’ve wanted to give up because no matter how hard you try you still seem to feel powerless to these taunts and attacks, living under the circumstances and not above them. But I prophesy that this is where the sun stands still on your behalf! This is where you witness almighty God fight for you! There has been so much taunting and fear trying to keep you back but this is your hour of victory in Jesus name!

This is a season that if you are intentional to GO UP the mountain and keep your gaze on Jesus you will RECEIVE new perspective, vision, and birth the assignment God has been waiting to give you. The mountain is going to EQUIP you, EMPOWER you, and ENERGIZE you to walk out the purposes of God in this season as well as SOAR above the noise that kept taking you out in the last season. Then you’ll come down the mountain and RELEASE the mighty new thunderous sound into the earth!

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