Diane Anil is the founder of the global ministry Take Courage, where she primarily serves her community through a thriving online platform. Diane is also the founder of Courageous Coaching and Consulting, where she serves her clients as a prophetic coach for their business, personal and spiritual needs. She is an ordained minister, holds certificate completion within two ministry schools, obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Human Resource Development from Oakland University, along with a certification in Counseling through Concordia University. Diane has a mandate to call up and equip the ‘Deborahs’ to arise in this hour. She has developed a prophetic course ‘Arise Deborah’, and has commissioned hundreds of women to rise in this hour. Diane is the host of “An Invitation into The Father’s Heart,” a prophetic YouTube Channel where she invites others to experience a deeper connection with God. Diane is a pioneer, modern day prophet, teacher and writer. She has a passion for global missions, a heart for the nations and has ministered in various capacities throughout Africa and India over the years. Her heart is to encourage the body of Christ to dive into greater intimacy with God by prophetically sharing the heart of God and the revelation she receives. Diane currently resides in Michigan with her husband, son, and two daughters! Website: takecourageministries.com

Prophetic Word: Arise Deborah, Emerge Esther – A Word by Diane Anil

Diane Anil

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I heard the father say this is the “POWER HOUR” for women across the world. It is time for the Deborahs to Arise and the Esthers to Emerge! Many have been answering the call of Justice and Truth, however there is a fierce army of powerful prophetic women rising in this hour! These Deborahs and Esthers are women who are full of valor, courage, justice, and truth! I see them sharpening their swords, putting on their shields, and preparing for battle! They are armed with the artillery of Heaven, and they are not shy of making their way to the frontlines!

I see these women carrying torches, they are the pioneers of this hour, and they are coming in with voices of truth and justice. This fierce group cannot be contained. These are powerhouses, carrying supernatural strategy, and fiercely determined to dismantle the enemy’s agendas on the Earth. These are the prophetic voices of justice for the unborn, for our school systems, for the identity and morality of our children, and for the government/social issues we are currently facing. These burning ones are carrying Heaven’s solutions, being strategically placed to shift atmospheres, and bring significant change. What they carry will require courage and will bring alignment with Heaven. Many will say, “How did that happen so quickly? How did they shift their thinking so drastically?” The Father says, “It is not by your might or power, but by my spirit.” The softening of hearts and the shifted mindsets will be by the drawing of the Holy Spirit in this hour. It will be critical to LISTEN and OBEY. It will be critical to set time aside for blueprints, strategy, calculation, and action plans! We are stepping into a season of taking action and seeing change.

Many of these Deborahs and Esthers are being called to step into realms of leadership, government, and positions they did not expect or desire. However, God is equipping these courageous ones to step into many spheres of influence with the assignment of taking down strongholds with the authority they carry in Christ. These women know their identity in Christ, and they will not back down. The fear of man is breaking off these powerful women of God and they will not stop until their bold obedience unto the Lord is complete! I saw muzzles and red tape being removed from mouths and I saw megaphones being inserted! Your voices will be heard in this ‘POWER HOUR’. Arise Deborah! Emerge Esther! This is your time!

The Deborahs and Esthers are linking arms in this hour. It is crucial to be wise, discerning, and yet open to find your tribe. There are kingdom connections taking place from nation to nation. God has assignments across the world, and He is strategically setting up partnerships in order to see His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! Some will say, “Am I really being invited there? Am I travelling across the world or country on this assignment? Is this really happening?” YES, in fact, it is! Deborah and Esther, you carry courage, you have favor, and you will gain access to arenas you never thought were possible. I see the clock moving fast and God is on a mission to see His will be manifested. Many situations seem impossible; however, He has a plan! We must LISTEN and OBEY! He will find those willing to say YES!

Many women have said, “I feel like a Deborah and an Esther, can I carry both anointings?” YES! Deborah and Esther carry a similar anointing that is being fused together. It is time for the dual forced anointing to manifest on the Earth.

Deborah and Esther Characteristics:

·         Prioritized Intimacy with the father

·         Powerful Leaders

·         Courageous and Bold

·         Filled with Knowledge and Wisdom

·         Humble

·         Fiercely loved others

·         Hearts of Justice

·         Trusted and Safe

·         Practiced Radical Obedience

·         Flowed in Favor

These characteristics are key when walking in this anointing. Everything we do must flow out of intimacy! We must ‘die daily’ to ourselves in order to fulfill the call and see God’s glory manifest on the Earth!

I heard the father say this is the hour of ‘EMERGENCE.’ Emergence, by definition, is “the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.” (Merriman-Webster Dictionary) The Deborahs and Esthers are coming out of their caves, coming out of the wilderness, and coming out of their time of preparation. Deborah, Esther, it is your time of EMERGENCE! Get up, stand up, come into view, step forth, it is time!

I call forth the Deborahs to Arise in this hour and the Esthers to emerge. Shake off your dust, remove the muzzles, tear off the red tape, arm yourself, and head to the frontlines! Listen to the father and practice bold obedience! This is the ‘Power Hour’! All of Heaven is waiting to celebrate the great exploits the King will accomplish in and through you! It is all for His glory and honor upon the Earth.

I prophesy that every Deborah and Esther will hear the call and obey! I prophesy that every Deborah and Esther will rise, roar, and soar in this hour.

Make room for the King of glory to come in! “Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.” (Psalm 24:8) The Deborahs and Esthers have been soaking in the glory and love of our King. They are armed and ready! They carry victory over every battle, and we will see it manifest on the Earth!

Take Courage,

Diane Anil

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