Diane Anil is the founder of the global ministry Take Courage, where she primarily serves her community through a thriving online platform. Diane is also the founder of Take Courage Consulting and Coaching, where she serves her clients as a prophetic coach for their business, personal and spiritual needs. She is an ordained minister, holds certificate completion within two ministry schools, obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Human Resource Development from Oakland University, along with a certification in Counseling through Concordia University. Diane is the host of “An Invitation into The Father’s Heart,” a prophetic YouTube Channel where she invites others to experience a deeper connection with God. Diane is a pioneer, modern day prophet, teacher and writer. She has a passion for global missions, a heart for the nations and has ministered in various capacities throughout Africa and India over the years. Her heart is to encourage the body of Christ to dive into greater intimacy with God by prophetically sharing the heart of God and the revelation she receives. Diane currently resides in Michigan with her husband, son, daughter, and baby on the way! Website:Ā takecourageministries.com

Prophetic Word Build Your Sanctuary – A Word by Diane Anil

Diane Anil

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As I was thinking about the word Sweet September that God gave me, I was evaluating if there was anything specifically I needed to partner with and also pondering if others were experiencing the sweetness prophesied. I have experienced a shift in September, however I know there is more to come. Even as I write, I see huge white linens hanging in the air, and they are filled with honey. I see the linen getting ready to burst at the seams and be released! As I was meditating on this word, I heard “Build your Sanctuary in September.” I felt it was instruction to receive the sweetness being released from Heaven.

A sanctuary, by definition, is “a place of refuge and safety”, as well as “a holy place.” It is also symbolic for the high alter or the holiest place within a church.

The Father is inviting the body of Christ to build a sanctuary, a holy place of deep intimacy, an alter of worship, and pure surrender. I saw the thick honey of Heaven dripping on the alter and I saw an image of ‘pooh bear’ rolling around in it carelessly, with great laughter, and pure joy. There is an invitation to experience the sweetness of Heaven and God’s goodness, however don’t just wait for it to happen to you, dive into the alter of intimacy and enjoy the gifts the Father has in store for you. There is an abundance of joy awaiting you in the sanctuary. The joy and laughter available isn’t dependent upon your circumstances shifting, they are simply a gift that overflows out of our intimacy with the Father. “The joy of the Lord is our strength” in every circumstance! (Nehemiah 8:20)

Some of you have been jaded by disappointment and it has created a hardening within your heart. The Father understands and sees the whole picture. I saw Him invite those of you who feel this way to simply lay down and rest on the alter. He wants to give you a place of refuge and safety in Him. You don’t have to wage war, strive, and exhaust yourself in warfare. He says to “lay down your weapons and rest in me.” I saw this sanctuary of refuge and rest become a place of weeping, and the weeping opened up a gateway to a softening of hearts, and healing from deep disappointment and despair. I heard Him say, “I am removing them from the state of entrenchment.” By definition, entrenchment is a state of being “firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained.” The Father is miraculously removing and shifting situations and mindsets that appear impossible, difficult, unlikely, or deeply ingrained. Will you lay on the alter of surrender and find your place of refuge and rest? Will you build your sanctuary of peace, promise, and experience His restoration?

Friends, I encourage you to make room and carve out the time to build your sanctuary. Some of your sanctuaries are built but a little dusty. Some are built and have barricades around them from hurt and disappointment. Some are already dripping with honey and the Father has seen your beautiful sacrifice, steadfastness, and surrender. Some of you need to build from scratch and get back to the basics. Wherever you are, there is no shame or condemnation, there is an INVITATION to BUILD!

Love & Courage,

Diane Anil

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