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Prophetic Insight

Prophetic Word – by Emily-Rose Lewis

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Prophetic Word

by Emily-Rose Lewis

We are in a season of renovations as the Lord works in us, our families, and circumstances to UPGRADE and EXPAND that we will be prepared to carry greater measures of His glory to the territories that God has ordained for His people to possess. Kingdom expansion is God’s goal through each and every one of us. Those that have faced heavy warfare and spiritual travail over the last 8 weeks are entering into a season of transformation in both the spiritual and natural realms unlike any they have ever experienced before.

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
-2 Corinthians 3:18 (NIV)

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I have seen massive preparations going on in heavens ‘mail room’ to transfer natural resources of monumental proportions to tip the scales of justice in the lives of the people God is sending His prepared ones to help. For those that have been chosen and called, and for those that have spent the past season in preparation for this MEGA shift by surrendering to God’s will in their lives with a humble and teachable spirit, I say, ‘Steady yourselves and stand firm. Open your arms. Ready yourself to recieve the weight of God’s glory that He is unveiling to His people.’

No more will you be weeping and wailing over what has been lost. You will barely cast a glance at your own life as you rise up to walk in the new life of Christ in you. You are the sent one. Mantles from heaven are being given for the next level assignments and higher realm influence that God is releasing you into. As you see a need, there will be great faith in God’s power. With boldness you will exercise your authority to meet the need by drawing on the limitless heavenly resources that are coming into your hands at the exact moment of need.

When you write the check in faith, the resources will be there to back your god-ordained endeavors. As you make your list based on what you see the Father doing through your lives, fearlessly, and without restraint, angels will be sent forth on assignment to battle any dark force that tries to stand in the way of the fulfillment of your divine pursuits.

Divine alignments will spring forth as you show honor to all that the Lord brings across your path, especially those in your own household. The alignments that God has ordained in this season of advancement will be mutually beneficial and Kingdom focused. Spiritual gifts will be stirred and developed through collaborative efforts to see injustices made right, the hungry well-fed, those walking in darkness to be shown the light, and those in captivity being set free.

As you sow seeds through steadily doing each days portion with integrity and excellence the Lord will be bless the harvest of your hands with supernatural increase greater than could ever be seen through natural means alone. A multiplication of 1,000’s, 10,000’s, 100,000’s and for a few that have been chosen to bare the responsibility to impact nations 1,000,000’s. To each the Lord is giving according to his ability and management capabilities.

Part of the expansion that I am seeing involves the growth of families. Numbers will be added to family units by the salvation of relatives, through adoptions, and by the gift of addition through child-birth. Businesses will boom as kingdom-minded entrepreneurs implement heavenly strategy and pull down heaven’s resources through unshakable faith in a God that is on their side. Ministers that have not sold out to today’s culture will be on the rise and gain influence and the trust of their followers. God’s humble and faithful 5-fold ministers will be receiving powerful revelations and strategies to implement those new visions. Many ministries that have been blocked by a lack of resources will begin to operate in overflow as they abandon all their own agendas and tap into God’s mind on how He wants them to equip His people for the work of His Kingdom.

I hear the Lord say, ‘In order to defend against the increase in demonic activity in the earth through the children of darkness that have offered themselves to the enemy as vessels, I am sending an increase of my faithful angelic armies to be a border around My people. I am also pouring out My Spirit in ever increasing measures over all who will receive Me. Do not fear. I have you covered from within and from without.’

Emily-Rose Lewis
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