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Prophetic Word For August 2019 – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

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Prophetic Word For August 2019

A Word by Joe Joe Dawson

Just recently, in a time of corporate prayer, the Lord spoke to me about the upcoming month of August. The Lord only said this one word to me, “Misunderstood.” I began to think about different people in the Bible and how many of them were misunderstood.

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King David was the son who was sent out into the wilderness. David felt misunderstood his entire life. While his brothers were in the house with their father, he was out in the field with the sheep. David felt misunderstood and alone in the wilderness but what he could not see at the time was that God had placed him there to prepare him. When we encounter a season in the wilderness it is not to punish us but rather to prepare us for promotion. You may feel misunderstood and rejected but God is setting you up! In seasons where you feel lonely or isolated, draw near to God in the wilderness. David was not the only one who spent time alone with God in the wilderness. Immediately following Jesus’ baptism He went out into the wilderness to fast and be alone with the Father. Jesus was misunderstood his entire time on the earth but it did not keep Him from accomplishing what He knew He was sent to do.

The apostle Paul because of his radical and instantaneous transformation was misunderstood. Paul was misunderstood by many of the believers and former disciples because Paul had previously been murdering Christians and was now suddenly trying to preach the gospel! It did not make any sense to anyone else but Paul kept moving forward even though he was initially misunderstood.

If you feel misunderstood, you are in the perfect place and in the perfect time to receive the favor and the blessings of God. This is a season where God is taking those that have felt misunderstood and isolated in this season and pouring out His Spirit upon them. God uses and sends those who are misunderstood to establish His Kingdom on the earth. God called Moses who stuttered and could easily be misunderstood to lead an entire nation of people out of bondage! Just because you have been misunderstood does not mean that God cannot do great exploits through you.

For those that have felt rejected, isolated, lonely, and forgotten, others may have misunderstood you but God has been preparing you for a season and a reason that will soon make sense. When people misunderstand you, Heaven understands you. One of the reason many have felt misunderstood was to protect you from wrong relationships and to set you apart. Get ready and for everything that the Lord has for you. Don’t worry about being misunderstood, God is setting you up for something powerful!

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