Jamie Rohrbaugh is an international speaker whose passion is to see sons and daughters walk in the manifest presence of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at FromHisPresence.com (where she writes about prayer and the prophetic word), OverNotUnder.com (focusing on Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship), and DeSuPresencia.com (Spanish-language blog about the supernatural lifestyle). She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Prophetic Word for August: “The Time for Restoration of All Things Is At Hand” – by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh

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Have you been struggling while watching God do things for everyone else that you care about, but the personal prayers you have been praying the most appear to go unanswered?

If so, you need to know that the Lord has not overlooked your prayers. The time for birthing is past, and you have birthed your “baby” in the Spirit. And now, be ready for the manifestation of many things in August.

The Lord says to you today:

“The time for restoration of all things is at hand.

I have been working in many ways that you have not seen, and I am still working in ways that you do see. You need to know that I am restoring you even when you do not see Me work; I care about the things you care about; I have seen your prayers and your cries.

When you were crying out to Me for mercy just a few days ago, I heard you. When you were writhing on your bed in agony, with a broken heart and thinking in your inmost man that I have passed you by, you need to understand that I was right there holding you in My arms.

The time for restoration of all things is at hand.

Even though You feel My promises are empty sometimes–and I know you know they are not, but you have to admit that you feel that way sometimes–I am going to be just as faithful to you in this as I have been in everything else. Have I not worked all things for your good? Do you not look back over the years and say publicly that you wouldn’t trade it for anything?

My Word from Ecclesiastes 1:9–“That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun“–applies to you. All things you have enjoyed in the past will come back to you at some time, washed in the blood of Jesus. I am restoring you better than you ever were before, and you will have joy and will delight in My work.

I saw your pain and agony way back then, but it had to be this way.

I had to do My work without you interfering. I needed to move you on and tie your hands in order to gain you the freedom you deserve.

I moved in My love and power to heal and restore your soul, but I have not yet delivered on My promise of “That which has been is what will be.” However, in these times in August 2022, look now for the restoration of all things.

Things will be restored that you never thought would come back to you. It will happen fast on My eternal timetable, although not always fast on yours.

I am restoring the years the locusts have eaten, and am restoring them in a new format than you have experienced before.

All things that were done to you will be redeemed in the blood of My Son Jesus. Things are coming your way this month that you have fasted and prayed for, and it will be a sudden thing.

I have been storing up your tears in My bottle, and when I am ready I will pour them onto My scales of justice and they will weigh more than a thousand elephants. Your tears are powerful and they move My heart when they are sown with a pure heart.

In August, you will see that those who have sown in tears will reap in joy.

This month, all things will come back to you, whether in My Spirit or in the natural.

There are banking transactions happening in Heaven on your behalf all the time.

You may not choose to believe, but I have a system of rewards that I am exercising on your behalf at all times. He who comes to Me MUST believe that I exist, and that I am the REWARDER of those who seek Me.

Without faith, you cannot open the door of reward nor approach Me. But when you approach Me in faith, rewards will come to you daily.

Ask Me for My rewards in August, and know that I delight in you daily.

I know you do not feel like it right now, but choose to believe in Me anyway. I am with you to the end of the world. I will never leave you nor forsake you, and I am with you to comfort and keep you always hidden safely in Myself.

I love you, little one. Rest in My love, and in that of My Son Jesus.

With love from your tender Heavenly Father.”

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