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Prophetic Word From Kim Clement


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Prophetic Word From Kim Clement

Prophecy Date: November 13, 2013



There’s an American party that’s emerging – a party that’s going to outdo the Republicans and the Democrats, a party that’s going to stand up for what is right. Of course they’ll have flaws, but you can see the disintegration and the discord that’s taking place in this nation. That’s coming to an end. Maybe it’ll take longer than you think, but it’s in, it’s there. It’s like John the Baptist in the womb of Elizabeth, leaping when Christ comes into his presence in the womb of Mary. What made him leap? The presence of Christ. Listen, that’s important because they weren’t born yet. There are unborn things at this very moment that we need to realize. Even though you cannot see them, they are present. You cannot see a child except for the fact that you can hear the heartbeat, nowadays, and you can see the mother growing and so on. You wouldn’t know! But there are things present today that are not yet manifest that will yet come and it takes a prophetic eye to know what they are.

With a bold, fresh, creative expression, Kim Clement is impacting lives all over the Earth with the modern day expression of the prophet. With the first notes ringing from his keyboard, the journey begins into a mysterious realm of the Spirit. Here, Christ’s message of hope and the secrets of God are revealed in musical poetry, rich, eye opening teachings and sudden demonstration of the supernatural prophetic ministry. Kim’s mission is crossing cultural barriers – touching the untouchable and reaching the unreachable. From entrepreneurs and entertainers, politicians and scientists, blue collar and white collar, adults and children alike are experiencing the life changing power of the Spirit as Kim communicates God’s heart for them.

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  1. LeRoy Martin

    January 23, 2014 at 12:28 am

    Thank you Kim for Standing,Standing and proclaiming thus says The Lord!!

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