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Prophetic Insight

Prophetic Word: God is Releasing the Perfect Solution for Your Perfect Storm – A Word by Doug Addison

The Wind of Change angel is blowing, but it is not a strong wind like in the past. In this season, the Lord is moving in subtle ways beneath the surface. It is the enemy who is trying to get you to think that the storms are real and the Lord has forgotten your situation. The storms are actually a distraction from the subtle voice of the Lord that is being released right now.

I saw many people standing before closed doors waiting in the darkness. These were the ones who had been given strategies and strong prophetic words from the Lord that started but never fully came about. The doors are about to open and the strategies for being set free are comingand it’s starting this month.

March 2014 coming now

The Lord said, “Look back at what happened four years ago because these are the things that are now coming.”

I looked in my journal and four years ago I had just come from prophet Bob Jones’ funeral where I had received a major healing. I also had some spiritual encounters and prophetic words. Those things seemed to have started something, but then the momentum stopped. At that point things seem to look opposite from what I had heard God say.

I went through another few years of a major affliction. Last year I got a healing breakthrough, but there was still a persistent attack on my immune system that has kept me from traveling. The good news is, after getting this word from the Lord, I got healed!! This is evidence that what God started in 2014 is now coming in all areas of our lives.

Go back to the spring of 2014 and ask the Lord to show you if this applies to you. If you see anything like this, then it is time to press in and ask the Lord for a recovery plan.

Financial ruin from 2014

The Lord showed me that in 2014 there were also people who were called to do amazing things that never came about. Instead, a very high level deceptive attack came. This was in the form of words that sounded like they were from the Lord but they were not.

When Jesus heard this, he said to him, “You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Luke 18:22

The enemy’s strategy to bring financial ruin to those who had callings was to get them to sell it all too soon. They knew that the Lord would call them someday to sell it all and give their lives to the very purpose the Lord had called them to.

Many of these wonderful people misinterpreted this prophetic word and sold everything physically and went into a time of seclusion and not making money. This resulted in financial ruin for them. The Lord was calling them to sell everything in their hearts and lives while building their finances up so that they could release and fulfill what is now coming four years later.

If this is you, then you might be one of those now standing in front of the closed door hidden in darkness. The Lord has not forgotten you! Ask God to give you a strategy to recover it all and make the money you need to regain your finances and prepare for what is coming.

Spiritual Groundhog Day

On February 2, 2018 in the U.S. we celebrated Groundhog Day. This is when Americans watch a groundhog come out of its hole; legend has it that if it sees its shadow and goes back into the hole, then we are in for six more weeks of winter.

There was also a movie produced about this in which a man would repeat a day in his life over and over until he got it right. The Lord is doing something new and it is important that we don’t become afraid and go back in our holes like the groundhog.

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This is a time to break away from our fears and anything from previous seasons that is still hindering us. Then we can allow God to release the new season to us. Those who are not embracing the pain from the past may be destined to repeat it. But you can change that right now by asking God to reveal anything that is causing you to have repeated trip ups, failures or sicknesses.

Perfect solution for the perfect storm

The enemy of our soul has launched a perfect storm against us. Satan has overplayed his hand trying to get you discouraged and to take your eyes off what God is releasing in the spirit. Starting in March, the Lord is releasing the perfect solution for your perfect storm.

A perfect storm is when spiritual warfare, tragedies, and traumatic events hit our lives from different directions all at the same time. It is important to respond like Jesus did when the storm hit the boat He was in. He slept in the belly of the boat and was kept in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3) Then He got up, rebuked it and quieted the storm.

(Mark 4:35–41)

Watch for God to start releasing strategies in your life that will allow you to prosper in the midst of the storm. It’s time to recover it all. The enemy has been hitting you too hard and God is now going to strike back with His plan of blessing, peace and authority.

40-day fast

I heard God say to call a 40-day fast for the revival that is about to start in California. As California awakens, the revival will spread all around the world.

“Call My people to a 40-day fast from negative talk and negative thoughts and have them replace them with joy and love!”

The Lord was clear: this does not need to be a fast like we have fasted before. This is a celebration of what is coming and it will open the heavens over us, our cities, and over the revival that is bursting forth in California.

Will you be a part of this?

We started on March 1—but it’s not too late to join my friends Lou Engle, Keith Ferrante and me on this 40-Day Fast to open the heavens for revival in California and the world. Find out here more here.


Doug Addison

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God said to tell you, "Don't write it off cause it is not over!"

A word by Dana Jarvis

I come with a message for the enemy today. God said it is time for him to cough up what he has taken from you. I release an anointing of restitution over each one reading these words. I know some things have been taken from you, but God said get ready for restitution. From Genesis to Revelation, and even now, God is our Restorer! The valley of dry bones represented every area of human need and brokenness.

Every bondage, every struggle and oppression! However into that valley of despair came a word from God! I know I am talking to some people today when I say that you feel like your bones have been stripped bare and hung out to dry, you know who you are and the enemy has attacked you and stolen from you. God said to tell you, "Don't write it off cause it is not over!" The devil is going to cough up your goods!

Restitution means a legal action causing to serve restoration to a previous state or condition. There is a legal action taking place in the Spirit right now. The thief has been caught and the rat has been identified. The Judge has issued an order to him to restore all he stole from you. To also add to that, he wants it given back double for your trouble. This is your set time of restitution and restoration! God remembered Hannah and gave her a son! God remembered Noah and dried up the flood. God remembered Samson and anointed him one last time and God remembers you! The same God that spoke to David is speaking to you right now! You shall pursue, you shall overtake and you shall recover all! So give God some serious praise right now and as you do, you are going to do some serious damage to satan's kingdom! You are going from the pit to the palace!

Time for the devil to cough it up! It is time for double all that the enemy has stolen. Right now for every love offering of $50, $35, $100, or $500 sown into this powerful ministry, I declare that double in your life. Restoration to you double in Jesus mighty name.​​​​​​​ Release His hands into your finances. Give an offering in this moment of grace for breakthrough. Thank you for supporting Spirit Fuel!


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