Prophetic Insight

Prophetic Word: God wants you to trust Him for 2020 manifestations – A Word by Kathy DeGraw

Kathy DeGraw

Trust Me is what I am hearing in the spiritual realm in this season. As I’ve been spending time resting in the Spirit of the Lord, I hear Him say, “Trust Me.” I recently polled my Facebook friends on what they were hearing from the Lord currently, and it was overwhelming the word, “Trust.” I love it when God sends forth a prophetic word and confirms it through His people throughout the earth.

God wants you to trust Him. Specifically, He is saying to trust Him for 2020. Many of you have plans and purposes, dreams, and destinies to pursue and the Father is clearly saying, “Trust Me.” God does not want you to run ahead of His plan, and He does not want you to go into 2020 with anxiety and worry about how things will unfold.

We can take authority in things, and when we do we might take authority over a situation that lasts for a while or has an immediate need. However, when we walk in dominion, we are owning the spiritual climate in which we walk and are exuding our authority at all times. God desires us not to simply trust Him for the moment, but to walk in a perpetual place of trust, a constant flow of assurance and comfort that we trust Him.

Faith and trust are interchangeable. We can walk in faith, or we can live in faith. We can walk in trust for our particular situation, or we can live in trust. I remember years ago when I had to get on a cruise ship in the middle of a hurricane 4 to preach the gospel and evangelize, God said to me, “Kathy, will you trust me.” I replied, “Lord, I’ll trust you to the ends of the earth.” Getting on that cruise ship changed my life, even though we had to outrun the hurricane, end our cruise early, and heard the alarms going off as we landed, I never feared but walked in trust.

God is saying to us, to you, His people, will you trust me for your ministry, your business, your finances, your health, and your family? Will you trust Me when you can’t see the other side? Will you trust Me to release what I want to be released in your life instead of figuring out how to make it all happen?

Trust, it is a difficult word. One as believers, we have challenges living by. However, it is a powerful word and one that brings great freedom. As we begin to trust Him is when we truly begin to walk in faith.


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