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Prophetic Word: I Am Creating a Nest for You – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an international speaker whose passion is to see sons and daughters walk in the manifest presence of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at (where she writes about prayer and the prophetic word), (focusing on Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship), and (Spanish-language blog about the supernatural lifestyle). She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Prophetic Word: I Am Creating a Nest for You
A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh
Beloved, have you been wondering what on earth the Lord is doing in this season? Wonder no longer; the Lord wants you to know that He is bringing you into a nest of safety, warmth, rest, and goodness!
This is what I heard the Lord say today:
“I am creating a nest for you.
You have been homeless and adrift, seeking a routine that is tightly grounded in your purpose. But you have not found your place over all these years until very recently.
Now you have entered into a season of nesting. I have brought you near to Myself. I am watching over you with clear vision and eternal purpose, and I have conveyed your purpose into your heart.
Yes, it was Me who showed you what you wanted your nest to look like.
You don’t need to doubt the authenticity of My nest just because I funneled it through your spirit. It is I, even I, who planned your life before the foundation of the world. 
I created you for a certain thing, and even though you have desires and dreams, you need to know that you are able to conceive godly dreams only because those dreams came from Me in the first place.
No, you don’t need to doubt. I am preparing a nest for you right now. You have prayed it in through your spirit, your longings, and your desires, but all of those were only from Me. 
I am lining your nest with My feathers.
Right now, I am making a soft place for you to land. Your nest is our nest–for I am with you. I have been waiting for this moment since eternity past, and I am SO EXCITED about showing you what I have for you in this season!
In our nest together, you will have rest.
You have been adrift and helpless for so long, caught in the tides of changing winds and seas. Through it all, however, you have held close to Me and I have sustained you. 
But it is time for you to rest now. It is time for you to enter a place of safety and rest; a place of warmth; a place of protection.
No longer do you need to be tossed to and fro, exposed to the elements.
I say to you, no longer! Instead, in this season, you will be cherished and protected, not hated and subjected to chaos. No longer are you going to be subjected to the whims of others, for I am protecting you with my eternal purpose.
The things that you have counted loss for Me, I will give back to you many times over.
You have given up so much for My sake, but I the Lord am with you to keep you and comfort you. I am going to be everything to you that you have given up–AND MORE! You truly have no idea how good I am; all the goodness you have seen thus far is only a glimpse; a one-dimensional snapshot or sneak peek of only a tiny fraction of My goodness!
I have goodness to show you that you have never dreamed of. I have parts of My nature to reveal to you that you have never understood before. I have experiences for you that will make you stand in wonder and awe; you will cry, ‘Only the Lord has done this!’
This is a season of preparation, in which I am preparing a nest for you and for Me to occupy together.
You are welcome to come into our nest, but it is not done yet. It will get softer and softer as I continue lining it with My feathers–My signs, My wonders, My protection, My radical provision, and My earth-shaking revelations of Myself and My glory! Oh, you are going to love what I am doing!
This season of preparation is a time you would not have believed you would have been in if I had told you about it even two years ago. Even then, at that time, you had not conceived of My goodness at this level. And I say to you, in two more years, the goodness I will show you between now and then will be TEN TIMES MORE than the goodness you have seen in the last two years!
I am preparing you and our nest. 
I am growing you, pushing you, nudging you, grooming you. I am showing you how to fly on My back. Soon you will be flying beside Me, trying out your own wings, and you will find that they are strong, for I have made you strong! You will soon find that all of the preparation you have endured has had far more effect than you ever realized!
Grow and stretch as you fly with Me right now. You are following My leading so well! I always knew you could do it, and I knew you would do it. 
I believe in you, child, and I always have.
You think your best friend believes in you? They do–but I believe in you more! You think your human loved ones love you? They do; but I love you more! I have always believed in you! I have always known how much greatness was in you, and now I am bringing you into it.
The place of your greatness is great because you are going to reflect MY greatness.
In this season, you are going to show the world who I am. I will help you! You are going to reflect Me with skin on, and you will do so from a position of safety and refuge that you now find under My wings.
Did you think I could bring you into a wide, safe place like this? I tell you, I can: and I will do greater than this! Did you think I could put you into a nest like this–a nest where you feel My love, see My love, walk in My goodness, and fulfill your purpose? Yes, I tell you; for I the Lord have brought you into a safe place! It is a warm place; a place of shelter; a place from which you can see clearly with My own vision!
You are entering the nest I have prepared for you. 
In this nest you will feel safe, for you are safe. In this nest you will feel warm, for I am God who keeps you and I am warming you and protecting you with My consuming fire. In this nest you will come back to who you really are, and better, for I am bringing you into your own authority.
I am preparing a nest for you. You are in it now, but it will continue getting softer. Fear not! This season is going to be the best of your life, for I the Lord have made it so.”
WOW! Hallelujah! Thank You, Papa God. I love You so much. Thank You for this word!

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