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Prophetic Word: In September God Is Shutting Down The Opposition Against Your Mission & Message, & Amplifying Your Voice – A Word by Nate Johnston

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Prophetic Word: In September God Is Shutting Down The Opposition Against Your Mission & Message, & Amplifying Your Voice – A Word by Nate Johnston


Nate Johnston 

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A year ago, I released a word titled “In the next 30 days exchange the muzzle for the war-cry” leading up to Rosh Hashanah where God revealed to me that He was revealing ways people had been muzzled and how He was bringing freedom and deliverance leading up to the new Jewish year. Last week the Holy Spirit reminded me of this word and said “The same muzzling spirit is afraid of what I am leading my church into – it’s her hour of action & amplification!” 


God is dealing with some spiritual assignments that have been opposing you and I and that in the month of September we are in a window of time where God is dealing with the things that are causing you and I to be muzzled and opposition in a time that our voices need to be heard. I feel the urgency on this, that in September we are partnering with God in prayer and intercession over the body of Christ and the nations that we would see these areas of bullying and opposition broken.




In 17 days is the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashanah and the head of the new year of 5781. In 5780 we have witnessed the overt attack against the voice of the church in what was prophesied as the era of the roar. We came against an unfathomable world crisis and the underlying agenda to silence and muzzle the church in its greatest season of prophesying the future to a broken world. In that time the mobs of disapproval became so loud, those who spoke up got shut down, and those who were called to speak truth and pioneer the way were accused of division, polarization, and labeled rebellious. The sting of betrayal, judgment words, and oppression has been trying to taint so many, but right now we are in a “Kairos” moment of time or window of opportunity to partner intentionally with God to see the end of and fully sever the assignments that warred at us this past year. It’s an hour of strategic deliverance and God is coming after every area of your life that the enemy has tried to roadblock you and prevent you from moving forward.




When I asked the Holy Spirit about the year 5781 and 2021, I saw a vision of a lion roaring but then the second time it opened its mouth even wider till I could see its bared teeth, and then it roared even louder. The 21st letter of the Jewish alphabet is “shin” which is the letter of transformation and the fire of the spirit. The word shin is translated as “tooth” and looks like three pillars of fire. This to me speaks of the baptism of the spirit that PURIFIES and separates that which is good/holy and that which isn’t. As the church opens her mouth wider in this next season, we are going to see an even greater purifying and revealing what is Him, and what is not. God is placing His anointing in this season not on who has the most followers or influence but who is truly surrendered to Him in a time where it is unpopular to be.


I believe that in the next year we are going to see the rising of the spirit-led church more than we have ever seen. Fear of man has been breaking. Wrong alignments and affiliations have been severed so that there is no conflict with your new direction forward. Many were in a tug of war in the Spirit but God is severing anything that is in opposition to what he is leading you into. In fact, many right now have been opposed to the point where they are starting to close their mouths and even feel muzzled again but God is dealing with that even as you are reading this.




Before I go any further, I feel to address the heaviness, tiredness, and defeat many have been experiencing. This year has taken a toll and it’s been a difficult year of navigating new terrain and situations you never imagined you would have to face. What I have been sensing is that so many have been driven to emotional breakdown and feel emotionally, spiritually, and mentally at rock bottom from the constant onslaught and warfare. A few scriptures that came to me when praying was Exodus 14:14 and Numbers 14:14:


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”


“They have already heard that you, Lord, are with these people and that you, Lord, have been seen face to face, that your cloud stays over them, and that you go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night”


This year has felt like a fight that has been too much for you to handle in your own strength, but now the Lord is saying that you are crossing over into rest and out of striving or having to do this on your own. This is where you get refreshed and refueled, healed up and filled up again and where you see HIM fight for you, covering you, surrounding you, overshadowing, and VINDICATING you!




 I felt the fear of the Lord so strong on what I am about to share next. This will be a time of extreme vindication and recompense because the war against Gods people has been intense, and the enemy has stirred up so much strife and division in the body and pitted them against each other and speaking against one another. There has been such an incitement of personal insecurity, competition, jealousy, and self-righteousness that has caused a civil war in the church. One morning recently I had a vision. I saw a person standing before a court and accusations were being screamed at them from an angry jury. (The religious spirit) This person was so tired that they had no strength to prove or defend themselves anymore. Then I heard the Lord say “The verbal assassination must stop against my people. Touch not my anointed ones!” Then He said “I will be their DEFENDER!”


 “He said to them, “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my anointed ones, and don’t do a thing to hurt my prophets!” Psalm 105:15


 So many have been verbally assassinated and their reputation and hearts have been under fire, but I believe right now God is shutting the mouths of the ones who have been used by the enemy to oppose you so that you can boldly and courageously lift your voice and put your hand to build what God is giving you to build without fear or intimidation in the months to come.




In another vision, I saw scroll-like documents that were sitting in a cage locked up and out of reach. I asked the Lord what they were and He said “They are the messages I have given people that have been judged and opposed”. God has commissioned people with new and unique forerunning messages but the religious spirit has been violently opposing them and in turn, caging them keeping them “locked up” and dormant. This is those who have been carrying fiery messages from the Lord’s heart for the hour and pioneering movements but have suddenly felt shut down, opposed, derailed, and decommissioned before it even truly began.

I believe that the same justice and vindication is coming to you to break the chains and locks that have been keeping you in a standstill. I see even red tape, laws, and legislation that have tangled up your destiny in bureaucracy that is right now breaking so you can finally launch out and build the legacy that is in you.




There has been a war on creativity and prophetic innovation in this season because it has been the time that kingdom creativity and strategies from the throne is needed the most. You may have felt an unshakeable FRUSTRATION in this season. Like things just didn’t connect. Ideas didn’t come together. Words didn’t form. There was an unusual disconnect or it was a WAR for clarity where in the past it was easy. The religious spirit has wanted conformity and dormancy, but the old wine CAN NOT produce the new thing that the Spirit is wanting to produce!


But get ready to see all blockages and creative muzzles removed, and get ready to unleash the power of your creativity as you feel the fresh inspiration that comes. Get ready to let those new songs flow through you, and those messages, words, and revelation suddenly burst out of you!




At the beginning of August, I had a dream where I was parking my car and a man In a suit approached and began writing me a ticket for parking in the wrong bay. I then drove into another parking bay and he followed me there and did the same thing. This confined to happen repeatedly until I was frustrated and no longer wanted to park in that part of town. The last time he wrote me a ticket he began to snicker at me and said “Have I worn you out yet?” I believe what I witnessed was the political spirit at play and it’s tools: red tape, double standards, cancel-culture, and censoring.


I believe that God is right now giving many of us kingdom strategies and ideas to override and overthrow this spiritual menace that is further corrupting society and influencing the church. In the month of September, I am praying that we see major breakthroughs in this area and the church rises up to pray against any further damage against the church’s voice and the TRUTH that needs to be heard.




Lastly, I believe that we are in a time where God has also been using the increased opposition to push many out of the nest who have been struggling to gather the courage to do so. Apathy has been breaking. Slumber and inaction are loosing its chains off the church and we are seeing the glorious rising of a church that recognizes that if we don’t speak up, stand up, and be the rudder in the storm then the world will take that role. It’s nothing short than a time of the voice of the church being amplified and the apostolic shake-down in the nations. We are in a truly magnificent time of the commissioning of movements in all shapes, sizes, purposes, and spheres of influence. We are going to see micro-movements pop up around the earth which will spearhead such a harvest where the enemy sought to shut down gatherings.


The Esther movements and companies are rising and beginning to position themselves in key places of influence and change where there have been injustices against life, race, and freedom. They will be the movements that will be the hands and feet of Jesus and the healing balm to heal and restore the long-standing and underlying issues in the earth. YOU are being fashioned right now amongst all the chaos and mess as a mighty weapon in the Lord’s hand, and I pray that this month you will see God make a way for you through the noise and roadblocks, defending you, vindicating you, and establishing you in the new assignment that is upon you.


I prophesy that this will be a year that you look back and will say, “I had every opposition thrown at me at every angle and side, but God used it to establish me and launch me into my calling!” In Jesus’ name!


“At that time your mouth will be opened; you will speak with him and will no longer be silent. So, you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 24:27


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