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Prophetic Word: June Is a Month of Healing – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh


The Lord showed me that He is doing some very specific, practical things for people in June. These things will be done by His grace. These things will reach down into the very core of who we are–things that touch our humanness and our practicality.

Here’s what to look for:

He is cleaning us up from trauma.

Papa has seen the things that have traumatized you. Some of the things you have healed from, and some of the things you have not healed from.

In June, He will sit as a refiner of the silver you already are. He will be rubbing you, washing you, and scrubbing you by the Holy Spirit with the pure water of the Word.

How should you cooperate with Him? By doing this:

  • Ask the Lord to reach down inside you deeper than you can reach, and heal you.
  • Set aside specific time this month alone with the Lord, and let Holy Spirit do surgery on your heart.
  • If you need professional counseling, this is the time to get it.
  • Soak extensively in the water of the Word, as the Word will soften the healing process.

Expect His gentle and healing touch.

Expect His touch as He heals you to be sensitive and gentle. He does not do surgery aggressively or forcefully.

Instead, He gently swishes you under His water, back and forth until you are cleansed. When He swishes you under His healing waters, if you cannot tolerate it, He will back off so you can rest. Only when you are ready will He continue with the healing process.

Father God has all the time in the world. He is very patient with us, so know that He is and will be patient with you. He will never force you to cooperate with Him. But, He will also go as fast as you want Him to.

Expect solutions to be simpler and easier than you thought they would be.

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In June, you will find that some situations and hurts in your heart will be resolved by a simple answer to a simple question.

Expect the Lord to manifest Himself to you as El Shaddai.

He is the Many-Breasted One, and He is acting aggressively on your behalf even while you sleep. Ask Him to work miracles in the night seasons. Also, make sure you ask Him to let you see the answers to your prayers.

Hidden things will be revealed.

Ask the Lord specifically to reveal any hidden things He desires to reveal, both to you and to others. Many hidden treasures of darkness–not evil things, but good things that the Lord has not revealed to us yet–will come into the light in June.

Also, you will see babies come forth in June.

I was hesitant to prophesy about babies because this is such a sensitive topic to the hearts of many families. However, I received two confirmations from the Lord. Also, since I myself am holding a baby the Lord gave me after I received a prophecy from another prophet (Judy Jacobs), I felt like it was too important to ignore.

Here’s what the Lord told me: Multiplication is a key for June. Mothers-to-be who have struggled with infertility will find themselves able to conceive in June. (If this includes you, be sure to write your vision for having the baby you desire. I also highly recommend that you read Jackie Mize’s book, Supernatural Childbirth, if you are praying for a child. It will help you learn how to apply God’s promises for a child to your life.)

God’s healings will bring you new beginnings.

Ask Papa to give you a new start this month, and soak in His healing presence to soften your heart to receive.

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