Prophetic Word: Let the Days of Justice & Repayment Begin! – A Word by Doug Addison


This is a time that your spiritual inheritance, which is the calling you have had from God, is now going to come. Those who have been seeking the greater callings upon their lives are going to suddenly be awakened to them.

The Wind of Change is blowing on all areas of our lives. This is why we are seeing so many injustices being revealed right now. The books are being balanced in Heaven and God is repaying not just losses, but also injustices that have come against you.

“Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. Matthew 18:23 NIV

God is settling the books in Heaven by examining where the enemy has over-attacked you personally and also the world. Because of this, injustices are being exposed very quickly right now. The Lord is moving from Heaven upon the injustices that have come against you and we are going to see a shift in the spiritual atmosphere as a result.

Dying before their time

There have been such great injustices that many people have died before their time. God reminded me of an encounter I had last year. This was part of my 50 days of heavenly encounters.

On May 11, 2017, I was taken to John 12:24 in my Bible. As I read it, I began to have interactive visions that I cannot describe any other way except the Word came alive.

A seed must die

Jesus said to me, “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” John 12:24

The Lord was not just speaking to me personally, but this was also to those of you reading this. This is a personal encounter for you with the Lord.

Jesus said, “You have died spiritually and allowed the things that are not of me to fall away. Because of this, you are now going to produce many seeds in My Kingdom. You have not loved your life and were willing to lose it for My sake. My father will honor the one who serves Me in this way.”

As Jesus was telling me these things, I suddenly understood John 12:24. Some people on Earth have to die at a certain time so that their seeds will produce many more seeds.Then I saw those who had died before their time.

Many people on Earth who knew and loved those who died did not understand their death and blamed God. The ones who had died were giving testimonies that their seeds or callings and gifts had to die and fall to the ground to produce more seeds. Even Jesus had to die so we could receive gifts from the Lord.

Died before their time

Then those who had died before their time all began to testify that the Lord’s time is the only time. An angel said, “On Earth these things do not make sense, but in Heaven everything is in time and has a greater purpose.”

Then I saw visions of the people who had died before their time and plans of the Lord, and the plans were cut offI could hear the voices of some testifying, saying that they could not have done what the Lord called them to do.


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Others’ untimely deaths were indeed an injustice and caused God’s justice system to pour out on their family and ministries. Everything was happening with a greater purpose than we could see on Earth. I saw many leaders and ministers—people great and those that were never known—in this group of those who had died before their time.

Books of purpose opened

The Lord stood up and said, “It’s now time for their deaths to be reconciled and avenged.” When He said that, I saw that there were books in Heaven that had tracked their lives. I saw the title on the books: The Greater Purposes of The Lord.

Then the books of The Greater Purposes of the Lord were opened. As each book was opened an audible sound came from it. It was the word of their testimony and the verdict that had come from the Lord.

These audible sounds coming from the books began to increase and it sounded like worship. It also sounded like the wind and voices of angels all mixed. It was hard to describe, as there was nothing on Earth that sounded this way. This new sound began to activate things in Heaven. Angels were being dispatched as a result of this new sound and songs.

Day of repayment

The Lord said, “Let the greater purposes of Heaven now be released on the Earth for these servants who had untimely deaths.” Suddenly a bright light came and the Lord began to hurl back to Earth balls of fire and light over each untimely death. It was going to people, families, ministries, businesses and cities.

Angels began to blow trumpets and one of them shouted, “Let the days of justice and repayment begin!”

The Lord declared, “I myself will be a wall of fire around these and I will bring my glory to them” (Zechariah 2:5). The Lord said, “I am going to reveal the injustices of the land and I will not allow those who have suffered unjustly to go unnoticed. My repayment is here and it will come to you in many ways.”

As I was watching, I could see what looked like portals from Heaven to Earth being opened because of the word of the testimony of those who had died before their time. The Lord is avenging injustice and the books in Heaven are being balanced.

[End of encounter]

It is very important for us to understand life and death. Yes, we can grieve and miss those who pass on, but be careful not to get angry with God. There are gifts and callings from those who have gone on before us that are now being offered to us.


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